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HelioSol is a form of self-care, self-healing, preventative health and manifestation. It doesn’t belong to a specific organized philosophy, but has a strong philosophical base. HelioSol uses a blend of concepts from both western and eastern thinking, spiritual and scientific understanding.

The name HelioSol was chosen to indicate the blending of two seemingly polar opposites becoming one. The basic concept is that our true nature is the Absolute, symbolized by light. Helios was the Greek god of the sun, sunlight and all-seeing sight. As a god, he represents the mythological and mystical which is more feminine (yin) and right brain. Sol is the Latin name for the sun. Latin represents the language of mathematics and science which is more masculine (yang) and left brain. Blending Helios and Sol together symbolizes perceived duality dissolving into oneness or wholeness.

There is only one Light, which contains all and has many names ie. Absolute, universal consciousness, the zero point field, the quantum field, God Consciousness, etc. Practicing HST begins the transformational process of moving one’s personal consciousness towards remembering it is universal consciousness. This oneness or wholeness is the ultimate basis for healing and manifesting the life you desire.

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The HelioSol System is an approach to shifting a person’s perspective in life, tailored specifically to them, which can lead to extraordinary changes in their life on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in areas such as health, abundance, relationships, and career.

There are many modalities out there that claim to be working towards the same goal, but The HelioSol System (HSS) is unique in that it is not only simple, but it is very comprehensive and goes down to the cause of the causes of unhappiness in life and brings about changes in that. HSS honours the wisdom that has been understood throughout the ages, that the root cause of unhappiness in any area of life is the attachment to hose concept that we have about ourselves, others, and the world in general. Out beliefs are distorted and therefore interfere with the ability to live from the heart and to live fully in the moment.

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The HelioSol System approaches the complaints a person has about their health or other aspect of life by working with that person’s inborn intelligence. The practitioner establishes a yes/no response with this intelligence and then uses The Healing Wheel and The HelioSol Master Chart to determine what needs to shift. HSS uses a series of templates that are applied to specific concerns to highlight the balancing energies required. The focus in all cases is to find the underlying concept that is causing the distortion and to bring the person’s attention to it. Once all aspects of the “story” have been found , the person engages the HS technique to activate the information by highlighting the balancing frequencies contained in the internal light and breathing out feeling whole and at one with universal consciousness with the accompanying thought “it is done.”

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To sign up for a deeper experience with HelioSol, please visit the HelioSol Intro Workshop..

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