I’ve landed in the perfect career, an energy medicine system called BodyTalk. All day long I listen to others bodies, hearing their stories and putting to rest their overreactions, helping them to let go of pathology and embrace another way, a healthier way. All day long I hear other people’s stories. I engage students and clients in acts more vulnerable and intimate then they could ever imagine sharing with their loved ones. All day long I nurture others, reminding them of their vitality and helping them to cultivate the courage to break free of the cold hard shell that their belief systems, their ideas and their personality has formed. Helping them to step outside of this false protective shell and dare to live fully requires that I too do the same, relentlessly. Self-care isn’t an option keeping this type of career sustainable.

Having said that, it came as such a shock when during my True Colours session I saw such a lack of vitality in my own body when I washed off the paint near the end of my True Colors session. The paint was so beautiful, yet it also carried a hideous message: “This is the fakeness I put on to sell to others and myself the feeling that I’m strong. The falseness of having to put so much effort into posturing strength instead of simply embodying it effortlessly was clear. The writing was on the wall. Using my strength as my defense was no longer my option to take, especially at the cost of my vitality.

When I was a wee little one a child of my own age ask if I was retarded, mistaking my cleft lip and palate for carrying a mental deficiency. I vowed from that moment on that I would prove just how smart I was and get straight A’s in school. I did. I even got into medical school (which I left after getting cancer the first time in favor of practicing and teaching BodyTalk). Never did I think it would be possible that one day I would be grateful for looking different. Never did I think I would ever look back on the many painful surgeries or the later on cancer treatments. While I learned a lot with my intellect, my experiences that garnered the most wisdom were that in life. Sure there was suffering, pain, misery. But, it cultivated the invaluable skills of observation, attention, intuition, presence, feeling and compassion. To find my own pulse of life at such a young age allowed a sense of self-confidence to begin to truly develop – not for how I looked, but for who I knew I was. My body talked, it whispered and heck it even screamed, yelled and threw a few temper tantrums. What I know now, is that it did this all in support, of me. What I know is that my body is far wiser than my well-developed intellect. What I know now is that my body talks, all I need to do is listen.

I’m far from perfect and sometimes I forget. With such a process as True Colours, it becomes easy to remember.

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