One day I took a giant leap and asked Esther if I could train to teach BreakThrough. Much to my mixed emotions ranging from surprise to fear to glee, she accepted me. I couldn’t picture what changes would come from that moment if I was a world renowned story writer! It was challenging in every possible imaginable way and many that were unimaginable. It was also beyond rewarding. Who knew my experience of life could include things such as moments of gentleness, compassion and fun? Obviously my teacher did, hence her nudges, some of which weren’t always gentle, to really examine my life.

How was I behaving to get my needs met? Were those behaviors really going to allow for my needs to be met practically? What would need to change for that to truly happen? Not easy questions for anyone to answer, but here’s some that are:
Are you looking to fall in love with your Self? Wanting to change your experience of life? Want more gentleness, compassion towards yourself and others? Want to experience true support? Want to embark an adventure of discovering who you really are? (I assure you it’s not who you think you are!) Then consider experiencing BreakThrough: participate on the forum, try a Steps session, take or monitor a seminar or perhaps even start to work towards the pre-requisites to train to teach. I promise you’ll get exactly what you need along the way, both to challenge and to support you!

I’ll be regularly holding local courses in Saskatoon, SK as well as throughout the world as I love to travel to teach. Come get a new perspective and shift your experience of life.