BreakThrough 1

When something upsets you is it hard to let go of?

Do you limit self-expression to avoid conflict?

Are you your own worst enemy?

We all live our lives for others

We want to be validated, liked and loved by others.

We have millions of expectations as to how we must look, think and act in the eyes of others

None of these self-criticisms are designed to bring about happiness from the inside.

Be your own personal detective, explore and uncover the deep limiting beliefs trapping you in sabotaging behaviour patterns, masking your feelings, guarding against hurt and preventing you from living fully.

BreakThrough’s seven step deductive process is designed to transform the way you see and experience yourself.

Let’s look at what hurts and see what it’s telling you

How Does Breakthrough Work?

Using seven questions and an experience that has upset you, you explore the story of conflict. Each question takes you deeper within yourself to discover what the outer conflict is trying to awaken inside you. And in the process you discover that, within the greatest conflicts, life is always working in mysterious ways to bring about your healing.

Using BreakThrough’s specially designed system you will discover that conflict holds all the clues and keys to living life fully and to simply being yourself. BreakThrough 1 provides practical steps to address the root cause of conflict and self-alientation. The focus of BreakThrough 1 is the “inside job”, that is, learning to understand the nature of our defenses and the control they have over us.

BreakThrough 1 “breaks through” the defensive, unconscious and over-reactive patterns that distort our view of life and provides a step-by-step process that reveals the nature of our conflict in a conscious way. The Seven Steps of BreakThrough set us on the inner journey toward reclaiming what is most natural to each and every one of us – the experience of wholeness. Consciously, we begin to integrate a more holistic view of self-awareness and begin to perceive and experience life differently.

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BreakThrough, From Becoming to Being