Chakra Connection

Come connect to your life force

7 Lectures and Exercises on the Chakras
7 Group BodyTalk Sessions
and an optional individual session at your request




Understanding your chakras leads to better health, personal growth and spiritual awareness.

The chakras are closely situated to the cerebrospinal system, where the body receives its life force.

Each of the chakras relate to different levels of consciousness, developmental stages of life, thoughts, colors, sounds, physiological functions in your body and much more. In order to bring more harmony to your entire system, BodyTalk assists you in bringing the chakras into a balance that serves you, addressing blockages and over activity.

The chakras are often though of as seats of consciousness through which we ideally express ourselves. The beliefs that we develop and our experiences will stop the chakras from opening, developing as they should, thus, limiting our expression.

Each week a different chakra will be explored to address all 7, their functions, their consciousness and your balance in them along with suggested homework to further cultivate your chakra connection to your life force.

This series will offer a reclaiming of your passion and a dedication of your commitment to your life and to living fully. Weekly exercises will offer you the opportunity to examine yourself, how you’re living and much more.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, sensuality.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

Come connect to your chakras.

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