Revamping Relationships

Fall In Love Again, Understand Men

8 Group BodyTalk Sessions Lectures and 8 Discussion Questions (As a bonus you’ll notice that in some chapters I’ve included a recording of a previous discussion associated with that chapter, these are not a given with each chapter as participation was often done more with one-on-one interchanges than people felt comfortable having recordings done in the discussions.)
The BodyTalk sessions will be addressing your issues in your relationships in-line with as they come up with each chapter of The Queen’s Code – this must be purchased online – recommended or on Kindle)

“Imagine learning the words that speak to the heart of a man and move him to act on your behalf… Imagine that a simple shift in your perception of men can cause a dramatic increase in their love and admiration for you… Imagine transforming your relationships with men as you enjoy an intriguing, romantic and sexy story.” — Alison A. Armstrong

Ideal for all those searching for a different way to live
whether you are a client, student, or practitioner of any kind.

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The Queen’s Code is a story about a young woman named Kimberly and her journey to understand men. Kimberly has been hurt by two men in her life and because of this she men bashes, objectifies men and distrusts men. Fortunately for Kimberly she has a loving example from her grandparents of what a loving relationship looks like. Grandma Claudia’s knowledge and wisdom guides Kimberly on the journey of discovering what men are really all about. In the process you the reader will also discover much valuable information about yourself and the men and women in your life.

BodyTalk sessions will address your issues in your relationships in-line with as they come up with each chapter of The Queen’s Code. Each week we will go through one chapter, you’ll receive the previously recorded discussion and your group BodyTalk session. There will not be an opportunity for live discussion.

Men – You can participate in The Queen’s Code too! We’d love to have your opinions and input!

BOOK INFORMATION: Note that The Queen’s Code is available in both print and electronic formats including the Kindle version. Visit Amazon to purchase either the paperback book or a Kindle version. I personally recommend the ebook as it includes various videos to help speak to the points within the chapter and answer your questions, check it out <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>here.

The nature of groupwork allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

Fall in Love Again

Celebrate Your Relationships

Understand Men

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