A 40-Day Exploration

Sex, Passion, and Love

Daily self-exploration exercises with self-care.


“Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential.” -OshoCome passionately explore your possibilities.

“…Understand that sex, pain and love are all extreme experiences. Only those who know those frontiers know life; everything else is just passing the time.” -Paulo Coelho

“You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits.” -Paulo Coelho

Come connect to your passion.

In Eastern Medicine it’s well known that your sexual energy is the life force that animates your body. We can feel fatigued, sick, stressed unnecessarily and be in pain when this energy isn’t moving through the body to heal it. What’s standing in the way?

Come explore and embrace your most powerful health care tool.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

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