A 40-Day Exploration

Sparkle and Shine

Replenish Your Fire
Restore Your Fuel

Daily self-exploration exercises with self-care
and optional scheduled group integration sessions
and/or individual session at your request.

“Life won’t sparkle unless you do”

Ideal for all those searching for a different way to live
whether you are a client, student, or practitioner of any kind.


Do you feel the kind of tired that a good nap doesn’t even touch? Do you feel bone weary or exhausted?How would you finish this sentence, using only one word?

Men are ____________.

What on earth does your physical energy have to do with how you feel about men?

Think of how productive you are when you feel alive inside of yourself.

Would you like more of that?

Your vitality, your vibrancy, your radiance all stem from the source of your very being, that is your sexual energy.

Your sexuality is your life force, and it reflects your nature to your inner masculine as well as how you relate to all of the men in your life, from romantic partners, to children and relatives. Men respond to your sparkle and shine. If you’re a man, know that we’ll be exploring your most vital essence that fuels you and your well-being.

All of these relationships reflect how you cultivate your relationship to success, money, business and health as the masculine is your vital life force. Your sparkle and shine is your center of being.

How your inner masculine supports you is also impacted by all of your belief around men, sex, sexuality. This series will explore your feminine energy, your masculine energy and what that really means, along with ending the war between the genders, found both outside in your relationships as well as inside of your own body. From depleting yourself by trying to be superwoman/superman to embodying the fulfillment your well grounded bodymind, let’s feed your inner feminine fire what it most desires.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

“Every session it feels like you’re treating just me, are you sure these sessions aren’t just for me?” is common feedback received when working with group BodyTalk sessions, pre-recorded or live.

Come reclaim your energy
and find what fuels you.

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