Remote Sessions & How They Work:

Benefits of Remote Sessions:

Remote sessions, also known as long distance sessions, are conducted similarly to in-person sessions and afford many benefits. They afford accessibility and reduce the need for travel, which is particularly valuable for clients who are physically too unwell to travel, small children or for those who are for those lacking transportation. Remote sessions allow for world-wide access. The client is able to relax during the comforts of their own home while the session is being completed. Results are then made known either by email or phone, depending upon your preference. Remote session results are often noted by clients to be more powerful, in comparison to in person sessions.

How Remote Sessions Work:

Remote sessions work the exact same way in-person session do. Simply put, Quantum Physics tells us that every body part and every cell knows exactly what every other part or cell is doing. Further, it tells us that there is a deep interconnection and interdependence between every atom in the universe and therefore every human being in the universe. When we communicate with the bodymind we simply use our brain to focus in on the priority area which the BodyTalk Protocol tells us that needs balancing. This ability is enhanced by using a mental workshop, used by many BodyTalk Practitioner’s, called Mindscape. Much like a cell phone can quickly connect around the globe without a physical connection, BodyTalkers can use MindScape to accurately tune in to their clients without having to use physical contact.

Distance Treatments: Questions and Answers

1) Do I need to be at home and/or lying down during the session?
Sessions are done easily during normal everyday activities but most people tend to like to relax or engage in a quieter activity during their session time.

2) Do I need to do anything to prepare?
Nothing specific needs to be done in preparation.

3) What will I notice following a session?
It is necessary for you to monitor not only how you feel physically but also watch to see if you’re responding mentally and emotionally in the same manner in similar situations in comparison to previous events and responses. Often a general sense of well being is noted along with other changes. Those sensitive to energy may notice tingling, heat, cold or other sensations throughout their body. Healing is individually tailored and rate of results being noticed vary with the individual. This does not mean nothing is happening. It does mean that healing is occurring on a deep level to which the individual may not be aware, for example, the subconscious level.

4) When will I find out the details of my session?
Depending upon your preference, you will be contacted either email or an mp3 recording will be sent. This will be done the same day of the session.

5) How do group sessions work at a distance?
Much like working with an individual, the group is focused on in MindScape, typically working with a pre-arranged theme for that session. I consistently receive the feedback that individuals thought the session was just for them. The nature of groupwork allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness. Check out a series of group sessions starting soon here.

Allison Bachmeier