I absolutely loved teaching my first BreakThrough 1 seminar this weekend in hometown Saskatoon, SK, Canada. As usual, there was a deepening in my understanding of the concepts (the best perk of teaching I daresay) and I thoroughly enjoyed using my bag of tricks to help students feel versus think their way through the Steps process as well as the underlying principles taught in BreakThrough. I personally noticed many shifts within my own body, such as the resolution of a lung and sinus infection.

What surprised me the most, however, was the physical changes students were undergoing. The most noticeable to me was one participant who looked pale throughout the entire seminar and by the last afternoon, after getting their Steps done, their cheeks had gained color and you could see the sense of expansion they were feeling. One student commented on noticing changes to her breasts. After breastfeeding for a few months she had noticed the breasts were deflating and after having Steps done, the breasts were perkier and fuller. Another student noticed that after 6 weeks of struggling with numerous chiropractic adjustments to a rib that wasn’t staying in, it popped in and stayed in after her Steps.

So much for the mind and the body being separate indeed! One of the major points I emphasize when discussing BreakThrough is that it’s a feeling game, not a thinking game, and should be a sensual experience (thus connecting with our bodies). Feeling is such a lost art it seems today and BreakThrough serves the tremendous purpose of allowing compassion and gentleness to bubble up from a very practical place, thus allowing needs to be met via practical actions. The respectfulness is what never fails to amaze me about this system. You don’t need to change, you simply need to look at what hurts and what it’s telling you.