I don’t like my body. I want a perfect body. I wish I looked like him/her

How many times have you heard yourself say this today? or this week?

You likely learned at an early age (from family, friends, tv, magazines) that your body is unacceptable. That it’s deficient & lacking. That it needs improvement.

Too fat? Too skinny? Too short? Too tall? Too big? Too small? Too dark? Too light? Too much hair? Not enough?

Your attitudes & judgments about your body hold you back from living life fully.

Reveal & Release is a workshop that focuses on “body image.” During the Reveal & Release class, you will be led through a series of exercises designed to strip you of the masks you’ve learned to uphold & portray. All the energy you use to maintain this self-image is energy that your body could use to boost your immune system, heal you & keep you healthy.

If you’re comfortable with feeling ashamed & embarrassed about your body…If you’re comfortable constantly comparing your body to others’… then this class is not for you.


If you really want to feel what it’s like to feel comfortable in your own skin – “warts and all”…If you really want to feel the freedom of being “naked beneath your clothes”…If you really want to feel what it’s like to “let go”, then Reveal & Release is calling your name.

Pre-requisites: Certified BodyTalk Practitioner OR BreakThrough 1