Self-Care September

Sept 1-Sept 30

Does self-care feel like this picture for you? Do you feel like this?
Join us and feel human again.

30 Days of Group Energy to Support, 30 Days of Ideas and Awareness Opportunities to Transform Self-Care, 1 BodyTalk Session

Ideal for all humans seeking relief.

“Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long” -Michael Gungor

Before You Begin:

1) What calls to you to most focus on for yourself throughout this exploration? Take all the time you need to arrive at a concise answer, that you can sum up using only a few words. ie. rejuvenation ie. honouring myself ie. reconnecting to myself, etc.

2) Now, find a practical self-care oriented action that you can use daily to support yourself throughout the exploration. If nothing comes to you now, no worries, we’re going to visit and re-visit this for the next 30 days and you’ll have the option to change/shift/re-focus as we go. For now, know that:
   ♦ This may be static (doing the same thing each day ie. take x deep breaths)
   ♦ This may be dynamic (the homework will change with you each day ie. spend five minutes nourishing myself)
Which feels right for you? Typically static action helps to cultivate commitment to routine and dynamic action will cultivate creativity – though no matter which you choose, both commitment and creativity will inevitably be honoured as you engage in focused self-care.

Option: Know that you’re welcome, never required, to share your experience with me as we explore together.

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