Your Mentorship Experience (ME)

Your Mentorship Experience
with Vibrant Transformation Founder, Allison Bachmeier

Sept 15-Jan 15
Applications due by Sept 1*
*Limited spots available – first come first serve

The Mentorship Experience (ME) is not a magic pill. It will not give you results by simply signing up. Results will come from deep self-exploration, addressing blockages, and embracing that which is uncomfortable. If you’re looking for an easy fix, or you think ‘ah this is the one, this is the thing that I need to give me all that I’ve been hoping for’, then you won’t be satisfied.

Please re-read the first paragraph before proceeding and sit with it till you see if this feels most right for you. Never substitute my words or any others in place of your own inner expert. Really listen. If you want more of figuring out how to listen deeply to that inner wisdom inside all of us, then this experience may be a good fit for you.

This experience is designed to fundamentally change who you think you are. Ironically the abbreviation for this is ME, which is the area we’ll be focusing on most to shift your perspective.

We’ll be developing ability and beyond, which means following a process, which requires cultivating character traits of:
… just to name a few.

Given this, the minimum time requirement of commitment is four months. You will the option to continue afterwards, if that feels right for you.

The highest value I hold is that of freedom. The freedom to any stage see what’s most right for you is the foundation for this application. Let’s begin with the getting to know each other process, you can use this sort yourself either in or out and see if this all seems right for you.

In my experience, if you know who you are and what’s important to you, everything changes. If you can find something you’re willing to die for, do that, everything else will take care of itself. In this vein, please give this application everything you have. Regardless of if you’ll be accepted, know that the process of answering this thoroughly carries the potential for powerful transformation as it’s designed to catalyze the unfolding of self-awareness.

Your Mentorship Experience Application:

Name that you prefer to be addressed by:

Please answer this as concisely as possible ie. use jot notes when possible, refrain from using three words when one would do. Proper sentence structure can at times interfere with authentic expression, please answer in free form, however, be concise and use as few words as possible to keep the focus simple. These questions aren’t meant to be essay, long answer or even short answer. If you’re doing this from the website, please copy and paste into a word doc or email and send your reply to [email protected]

1. What are your core values?

2. Who do you want to be remembered as?

3. What are the character traits you believe are important?

If I know what’s important to you it helps me decide what direction to take.

4. Spending as much time by yourself, without stimulus from any external source, as possible prior to answering: What are the 5 things you use/want to use to guide your life?

5. What would be your ‘ideal’ mentoring experience? Be specific and concise.

6. What are you willing to invest in this experience? (Think resources such as space, time, money, etc.)

7. How self-directed are you? How self-directed would you like to be?

8. How accountable are you to your own life?

9. What area or your life (business, personal, etc) are you most called to address?

10. What questions/sharings do you have for me, if any, at this stage?

If any part of filling out this application has been easy or comfortable, don’t send this in. Dig deeper, find a place that pushes you. Start again. Or not. Any way you go is perfect, it just rules this experience in or out as something that’s a good fit for you at this time, and rules you in or out as a good candidate to get the most from working together in this way.

Applications due by Sept 1*
*Limited spots available – first come first serve

Why a mentoring group?

If you’re keen on self-exploration in any of these, this group will be a good fit for you. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes and want this with more fervor than a drowning man wants air, this group will be an excellent fit for you. There are places where growth, confidence and support can assist, as well as areas where you feel stuck or are playing small in your life that are in need of transformation. One of my richest passions is that drive to succeed (think willing to do whatever it takes – even if how I do it pisses you off sometimes – to help you find the best in yourself), the drive to educate (in the less traditional Socratic method) and the openness to observe transformation.

Anytime we work within a group, the additional observation lends exponential power. Although the interactions may be group based at times, they will also be one-on-one, and when done in the presence of the group you’ll all receive the benefit, in an exponential manner given the group energy.
There will be both options of attending ‘live’ as well as accessing the recordings later on, so you’ll miss nothing and be able to do it at your own pace if you ‘fall behind’ – whatever that means.

How do you know this group is right for you?

You’re willing to work, hard, without excuses.

You feel isolated in some way, personal, professional, otherwise.

You’d like a group energy with which to connect, grow, share.

You’d like to further decipher how to best share all your knowledge you’ve gained.

You wish you had more confidence or trust in yourself.

You’re willing to explore character traits in need of development.

You’re searching for something, maybe not sure what that is, and maybe sense what it is but not sure how to get to that ‘bigger, brighter, future’.

You find yourself avoiding risk, doubting yourself or seem lacking in confident or stick-to-it-iveness.

You have the thought “that’s how it’s supposed to be” or “that’s how I’m supposed to do it”.

You’re willing to transcend the ‘right way’ ‘rules’ ‘recipes’, etc.

You want to get it, want to want it and have the capacity to do it – whatever ‘it’ is. Ie. It could = business, relationship, money, self-awareness, etc.

This one’s important:
You feel excited after reading what you’ve read and writing what you’ve written.

    What will this ME consist of?

This group will come together organically and the structure development will be somewhat individualized as needed, and group experiences will also be foundational.

Time for mentoring each individual; answering your questions – if you know me you know I often do this by having you question yourself deeper, finding your own answers is far more powerful in transformation then me simply providing you with an answer; suggesting practices or explorations for you to further dive into; to receive maximum benefit.

    Can I know any details right now?

I feel ya, if I don’t have some semblance of structure it’s difficult for me to see what feels right and what doesn’t. Here’s what I can tell you right now:

You can choose to address business, relationship, etc – you were asked to address your primary interest in the application – however know that when we address one area of focus, often other areas shift as well. After all, how we do one thing is how we do everything.


-$275/month – 4 month minimum commitment, afterwards the option to continue remains. Paypal or etransfers to [email protected] are due at the middle of each month ie. Sept 15, Oct 15, Nov 15, Dec 15

-OR $1000 (save $100) if you pay in full before Jan 31.

-Monitors/Auditors – for this next round only I’ll be offering the ability to monitor at a reduced rate as a thank you for being able to use our group’s recordings in this way: $150/month or $550 if you pay in full before Sept 15.

    Structure Overview:

-You’ll receive instant and unlimited access to 8 (60-75 min each) recordings on the following topics:

1) All About You – Explore You & Your Ways of Being: If you don’t know who you are or the place you’re coming from it’s difficult to focus in on desired outcomes, nevermind attain them!

2) Exploring Desired Outcomes: What is it you’re really after? This is a whole new take on the standard old goal setting method, and we’ll even address any past goal trauma while increasing your focus and attention on what’s most important for you.

3) The Tool of ‘Stepping Behind’ and Neti Neti: In a line, this is all about letting that sh*t go. Who are you

4) Money!: Not your standard take on money, here we’ll be looking at the metaphors of money and pushing the envelope on ways to explore this topic to give you the most benefit.

5) Choosing To Let Go: Do we have a choice in letting go? This powerhouse of a tool is tremendously freeing and provides you with the cultivation of the ability to move on after processing what you need to most.

6) Offering On-Line Courses; Healing: Who wants to heal? This powerful tool provides you with a tool to use on others, your friends/family and your clients too.

7) Integration: Shadow and Owning ‘It” – VT Release Method: Wholeness within yourself, means fully exploring the light and the shadow aspects, come discover the gold in your shadow and use it to empower yourself.

8) Partnership – With Yourself & Others: Creating partnership first within yourself, so much so that is spills out of you and into all of your other relationships, transforming life into a heart-centered experience.

-I like to surprise people with bonuses. I’ll be letting you know about something special in addition to this available for you in Feb – stay tuned <3. -Private FB Group for all of us to connect, and for you all to continue to support each other. -Unlimited messaging (text or FB messenger): 2 options here -1) Vent: Clear your space/Empty your basket of all you’ve been gathering and hanging onto. I will listen without looking for a point and without trying to fix anything. Simply listening to receive all you need to clear your space. -2) Address: Send me what it is your chewing on and we’ll explore using a Socratic process to give rise to a new awareness/perspective on what’s underlying this issue. It will likely shed light on other issues, even if they don’t seem related, as how we do one thing is how we do everything :). -One-on-one’s – one per month (you can schedule your four total sessions as you wish during your four-month commitment within these parameters: two sessions must be used by Nov 15 and the remaining two sessions must be used by the end of Jan, 2019. Unused sessions are forfeited.) -Group get togethers will happen monthly as per the schedule below, please allow 60 mins of time together, to integrate and answer any questions you may have from the recordings. This will be primarily driven by your questions. You will have access to the previous year's calls as well.

    Group Call Schedule (*all times Saskatoon, SK time zone):

Wed Sept 26 6pm – Topics 1 and 2
Tues Oct 23 6pm – Topics 3 and 4
Tues Nov 20 6pm – Topics 5 and 6
Tues Dec 11 6pm – Topics 7 and 8

-Group calls will be for Q and A for the topics and additional questions that you may have; we’ll also occasionally be doing one-on-one work within the group.
-If you’re not able to join us live you can send in your questions and listen at your convenience.
-All calls will be recorded and recordings will be made available (unlimited access) so you can truly do this at your own pace.


-Google Hangouts

We will be addressing your cores issues, even the ones you didn’t know you held, through a variety of exercises and tools based on the principles of developing the aforementioned character traits.

Sessions will draw on and integrate BodyTalk, Eastern Medicine & The Life Sciences’ principles with an emphasis on exploring self honestly.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, sensuality – all to help illuminate and cultivate a passionate relationship to you … and to living fully.

Did I miss anything? Let me know!

Want to know more? Ask me. If I can answer, I will .

Much Love.

Allison Bachmeier
[email protected]
IG: allisonbachmeier
FB Page