Mentorship Experience with Allison

It’s strongly suggested to go through these in the intended order outlined below. Please honour your own timing, re-listening as required and however most resonates for you. Know I’m available for you to reach out to at anytime.

Recording of our first topic, It’s All About You:

Handout for our first topic:
Exploring You & Your Ways of Being

Recording of our second topic, Desired Outcomes:

Summary of the Questions for Desired Outcomes
VT ME #2 – Desired Outcomes

Office Hour for Topic 1 and Topic 2; Feb 19, 2018

Recording of our third topic (including tools of ‘stepping behind’ and ‘neti neti’):

Recording of our fourth topic, Money!:

Office Hour for Topic 3 and Topic 4; March 13, 2018

Recording of our fifth topic, Choosing To Let Go: Could You, Would You, When

Recording of our sixth topic, Online Courses and Noble Healing

Handout for our 6th topic, Noble Healing:
VT ME #6 Noble Healing

Office Hour for Topic 5 and Topic 6; April 19, 2018

Recording of our seventh topic, Integration: Shadow and Owning ‘It’

Handout for our 7th topic, VT Release Method
VT Release Method

Recording of our eighth topic, Partnership

Handout for our 8th topic, Partnership
VT Partnership Ritual

Office Hour for Topic 7 and Topic 8; May 8, 2018