Money and Self-Worth

Beating yourself up, second-guessing yourself and doubting what it is you could possibly offer to anyone all relate directly to your acceptance ability to receive abundance and wealth. And, all of this is reflected in your relationship to money.

One of the biggest factors of stress I see with clients and students is their financial health. Most of the people I work with are unaware of how that translates into depleting their kidneys of their Qi and their vitality that fuels and animates your body or how it chips away at their self-esteem, self-value and self-worth. Most of the time the stress consists of a lack consciousness of “I don’t have enough”. Commonly the belief that I need to be poor to be spiritual dominates alongside this lack consciousness on a subconscious level. Sometimes I help people to deal with the stress of having too much money and worrying about losing it all, not knowing how to manage it and wondering if others are simply using them for their money.

One of my first clearest and strongest memories was of playing with my blocks on the rug, listening to my father complain to my mom about money. I remember quickly coming to the conclusion that I would never, ever be financially dependent upon a man and I would do whatever it took to be fiercely independent and do it all on my own. Fast forward to my first serious relationship in which I found myself in just this place of financial dependence on a man. As my financial people-pleasing abilities failed me I faced all the horrors of helplessness. My receiving was far from graceful as I wrestled with the demons of feeling weak, useless and suffered from no longer being able to prove my worth via my bank account.

Within every challenge lies the tools to heal us and this was no exception. I found authentic value and worthiness in myself, one that didn’t depend upon my last financial statement. Following that, I found that my own business began to blossom and thrive. I didn’t have to effort to establish my business; I had clients calling me from family members of students I had shared my first BodyTalk Fundamentals class with. My natural work ethic and drive when aligned with my passion continued its natural growth.

Now I had a new challenge. My yearly income was more then my boyfriends. I felt uneasy at this potential threat of emasculation and wanted to play small rather then risk upsetting this time honored tradition of men earning more and being the breadwinner in relationships. Finding my value in my feminine in business has been such a rewarding journey. Even though it certainly wasn’t one I consciously signed up for, I now have tremendous gratitude for all I learned with it’s struggles and now all those awareness’s have been given life in sharing in study groups as well as one of my latest workshops, BodyTalk Business Basics.

People have their unique experiences which shape how they see money, how they relate to receiving it and these all directly reflect their self-value and worth. The attitude of having to keep up with Jones’s gets magnified by media and idealizing Hollywoodized images of success.

Whether it’s through possessions or how you feel about yourself, wealth is wealth. It’s become unfortunately routine to question ‘Am I good enough’? It’s become equally unfortunately routine to seek confirmation of successfulness as a person via a bigger house or a nicer car.

Whether you’d like to address your relationship with yourself and how you value yourself or this reflection in your sense of wealth and abundance in any given area of your life or your finances themselves, the upcoming 40 day study of Money, Wealth & Valuing Yourself will be of tremendous benefit in this exploration.

Come explore all of your treasures.