Money, Wealth & Valuing Yourself

Money, Wealth & Valuing Yourself

March 3 – April 11
6 Group BodyTalk Tele-Sessions
(recorded for you to listen to later if you can’t join us live 🙂
40 Days of emailed exercises (M-F)
Investment (incl gst): $295 CDN or $240 for the first 24

There are no pre-reqs
Ideal for clients and students of Balance Within, BodyTalk & The Life Sciences

People-pleasing correlates to increased risk for all major diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.

Do you ever find yourself saying yes when you mean no, candy-coating how you truly feel in your responses or ‘grinning and bearing it’?

People-pleasing correlates strongly to physical disease. When taking time for yourself gets put on the back burner in favor of meeting the demands of others, you neglect your own nurturing of your relaxation, learning and inner support.

Chronic people-pleasers tend to feel more lonely, experience higher anxiety, get taken for granted, feel chronic resentment and often hate themselves, their self-loathing due to not speaking up or standing up for themselves.

We’ll be exploring the principles underlying people-pleasing behaviour, to move towards coming from a place of sincere and honest communication, including aspects of loneliness, neediness, manipulation, and control.

The nature of group-work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

What’s Included?
Daily Exercises (M-F)
6 group BodyTalk Sessions (recordings will be made available)

-Sessions will draw on and integrate BodyTalk, Eastern Medicine, Balance Within & The Life Sciences’ principles with an emphasis on exploring self honestly.

-We’ll be exploring a number of principles including humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, sensuality – all to help illuminate and cultivate a passionate relationship to you … and to living fully.

-For practitioners this will help to strengthen the scope of your sessions by broadening the possibilities of what can be done, allowing you to take others deeper into themselves to heal.

-For clients this will help to deepen your connection to the most intimate relationship you have, the one with yourself. It will also deepen your understanding of Balance Within and BodyTalk along with it’s underlying foundation principles find in the related Life Sciences seminars, BreakThrough and Reveal & Release.

-Scroll down to the schedule to see dates and times

What’s the Cost?
-$295 OR $240 for the first 24.

Schedule (all times CST):
-BodyTalk Group Session Tues Mar 4 6:15pm *
-BodyTalk Group Session Tues Mar 11 6:15pm *
-BodyTalk Group Session Tues Mar 18 6:15pm *
-BodyTalk Group Session Tues Mar 25 6:15pm *
-BodyTalk Group Session Tues Apr 1 6:15pm *
-BodyTalk Group Session Sun Apr 6 6:15pm *

*All sessions done in CST time zone, all sessions will be done for the group, you’ll call in to listen to the session and recordings will be available so you’ll be able to listen to any of the sessions at your convenience if you’re unable to join us ‘live’ (all sessions will be done for all in the group regardless of who’s able to join us ‘live’).

To Register:
1) Payment of $295 or $240 for the first 24 can be made via PayPal to [email protected], e-transfer, call with Visa or MC info: 306-280-8264.
2) Register for the website (If you haven’t already) where you’ll receive the tele-call info: