Practitioner Policies and Procedures

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Instructor Policies
1.0 Use of Logo and Images
2.0 Videos
Practitioner Policies
1.0 Pre-requisites to be Recognized as an HSP
2.0 Use of Logo and Images
2.0 Videos

Please note that these policies may be amended from time to time without advance notice.

HSI HelioSol Instructor
HSP HelioSol Practitioner
HSS HelioSol System
HT HelioSol Technique

    Practitioner Policies

1.0 Pre-requisites to be Recognized as an HSP
1.1 These courses need to be taken in order to be recognized as an HSP and be listed on the HSS website: HelioSol Technique, HelioSol System Overview, Foundational Templates, AgapeMind, Core Philosophy, and Core Reveal and Release.
1.2 On an interim basis, an acceptable equivalent course for AgapeMind is MindScape; an acceptable substitution is the Journey to the Magical Healing Place CD or mp3. An acceptable equivalent course for Core Philosophy is Principles of Consciousness as taught by Sylvia Muiznieks; an acceptable substitution is the Consciousness CD or mp4.

2.0 Use of Logos and Images
Logos and images are used to present a visual language that help give audiences a way to recognize and become familiar with a product or manufacturer. The HelioSol System has a logo and several images that are trademarked or copyrighted. The logo and images need to be consistently presented in order to maintain global recognition.
2.1 The HelioSol logo comes in both full colour and black and white versions. There is a specific font used for the wording.
• The images, colours, font, and dimensional ratios cannot be altered.
• The colour version of the logo cannot be converted to black and white. Use the black and white version if one is required.
• No other versions are permitted.
2.2 HSPs (listed on the HelioSol website) may use the logos on their business cards and brochures advertising their practices.
2.3 HSPs (listed on the HelioSol website) may buy from their instructors the HT image and Healing Wheel image as 18X24 inch posters (no other size allowed) for display in their clinic rooms.

3.0 Videos
3.1 It is permissible to make marketing videos on how simple HT and HSS are and how someone can benefit from them and make these videos available on any platform. It is also permissible to include a demonstration of an HSS session.
3.2 Videos of HSPs teaching HT or HSS are not permissible.