Instructor Training

Vibrant Transformation’s Instructor Training program offers a supportive and empowering team-oriented environment in which to grow your teaching skills, become certified as an Instructor and transform as an individual. Even if you do not plan on teaching, this training program will deepen your self-awareness and increase your own exploration of your life and deepen both your seeking and your finding, all for you to your life fully.

Designed for aspiring on-line self-awareness Instructors and/or those who seek to deepen their own connection and awareness through a structured curriculum, this training will support you in awakening your heart and living a more meaningful and empowered life of freedom and joy. You will transform your body, mind, and heart.

This is both an in-depth study program and an instructor training for those who want to teach and practice self-awareness, connection to life, vulnerability, intimacy, self-honesty, courage, support, humility. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deeper studies of self-awareness and build a stronger, more flexible and balanced body, a focused, clear, and calm mind, and establish yourself in your connection to spirit.

Whether your Instructor Training journey is rooted in a commitment to yourself, your future as a teacher or your love of all things transformational, students who go through our program will increase their strength, clarity and confidence in their self-awareness and their ability to embody the consciousness they wish to portray to maximize the effectiveness of both connection with students and their message.

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