Inner Freedom

Watch this space for updates over the next coming few months, things are getting exciting at Vibrant Transformation as new material is getting ready to be birthed into creation.

What is it to play in the liminal space between no longer and not yet?

What is it to sit with that is seemingly arcane, mystical, deep?

What is it to explore into the edges of you?

As we explore, the soma and the headspace you connect to gets to be witnessed. As you set down the old, making space for the new, aliveness begins to grow, expand and move into new territory beyond the usual or familiar. The body’s interoception and the psyche’s perception meet one another, with softness, gentleness and grace as you discover what it is that animates it all.

Join us in melting into the space where you can rest, undisturbed.



Details coming, soon-ish! Stay intrigued.