Vibrant Transformation Instructor Training


Deepen your connection, discover your power and inspire with enthusiasm.

Vibrant Transformation’s Instructor Training program offers a supportive and empowering team-oriented environment in which to grow your teaching skills, become certified as a teacher and transform as an individual. Even if you do not plan on teaching, a good training program will deepen your self-awareness and increase your own exploration of your life and deepen both your seeking and your finding, all for you to life fully.

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Vibrant Transformation Instructor Training

Ideal for all those searching for a different way to live
whether you are a client, student, or practitioner of any kind.


Whether your Instructor Training journey is rooted in a commitment to yourself, your future as a teacher or your love of all things transformational, students who go through our program will increase their strength, clarity and confidence in their self-awareness and their ability to embody the consciousness they wish to portray to maximize the effectiveness of both connection with students and their message.

Benefits of our Vibrant Transformation Instructor Training program
♦ Learn to teach an on-line series as an all-encompassing transformational experience for the body, mind, and spirit.
♦ Explore the foundations of connection, intimacy, vulnerability, strength, power, sensuality, humility, honesty, authenticity, sexuality, compassion, relationships (with self and others).
♦ Illuminate and cultivate a passionate relationship to you … and to living fully.
♦ Understand how to sequence self-awareness exercises.
♦ Explore the art of asking the best question.
♦ Fine tune how to meet people where they’re at and efficiently help them to find their own support, to nurture self-awareness.
♦ Receive the tools to create a successful, dynamic class that draws your students in and expands your following.
♦ Hone your presentation and communication skills to inspire and deliver a class in a concise, effective manner.
♦ Learn to read bodies and give effective feedback to increase the power of your students’ inner connection to self.

This flexible program allows you to complete our comprehensive online Teacher Training course on your own schedule and from the comfort of your home. Upon completion of graduation requirements, you will receive a Vibrant Transformation Instructor Certification.

The Vibrant Transformation Instructor Training is geared to mature students who will take responsibility to complete the requirements and who have the time and finances to do so. As a self-directed program, there is opportunity to customize training according to the student’s particular needs, schedule, and interests. Under the guidance of a Instructor Trainer, the student plans what classes and workshops to take in order to fulfill the requirements of the program. Mandatory classes are taken in several areas of study, but the students choose from the on-line offerings of the various Vibrant Transformation’s classes and workshops.

In addition, Vibrant Transformation offers BodyTalk Business Basics to assist in your development. This course is available at half cost to those signing up for the Instructor Training using coupon code: 50BUSINESS
*both Vibrant Transformation and BodyTalk Business Basics must be in the cart for the coupon to apply

Offering a new approach to business and effective for all those wanting to start out, grow an existing business, stay engaged in their business or planning for the business future.

You and your business are unique, so it’s cultivation and expansion will be as well.  There is no one answer.  There is no one business formula.  There is no one business strategy for success that so many of the books and approaches to business development offer.  The most successful businesses in the world (think Bill Gates, Steve Job) have been run by those weren’t educated in the school of business but those that jumped in with both feet into the school of life.

With 13+ years of business experience in teaching transformation self-awareness workshops, both in person and on-line, and 20+ years of Instructor training in some capacity, join us in the kick-off of this new type of business exploration and mentoring.  We’ve received many requests over the years; that’s led to developing a unique business approach, one designed to draw on your feminine as well as support your masculine nature in business; one that’s not designed to give you an answer or a diagnosis; one that is tailored just for you, to help you find your best ways to flexibly nurture and expand your business.

For beginners thinking of exploring the world of business to established professionals alike, this is the next step in exploring possibilities and using a customized approach that’s unique for your business.

Explore the deeper cultivation of your inner business expert.

Vibrant Transformation Certified Instructors must meet professional upgrading standards and maintain regular attendance in both classes/workshops and teaching hours. Vibrant Transformation Certified Instructors must apply for re-certification every three years in order to maintain certification status.

What’s included?
♦ A private discussion section for your connection with like-minded individuals to share and discuss.
♦ 40 Group Exercises – designed to cultivate inspiration and enthusiasm for what you wish to create.  You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of self-awareness, which is compassion.
♦ 12 Group BodyTalk Sessions.
♦ 12 Individual BodyTalk Session with Allison Bachmeier.
– Request your sessions any time within a year of starting your Instructor journey.
♦ Twice a month ‘office hours’ with Allison to explore questions and yourself
– This may include how to create a newsletter, a website, mass e-mailings, social media navigation, how to set up online payments, creation of calendar events and easy to use registrations for your future students in addition to any questions and inquiries your pursue.
♦ All sessions and office hours will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.Program Requirements
♦ Completion and demonstration of participation in Vibrant Transformation
♦ Completion and demonstration of participation of any 2 Workshops from each category: Freedom, Connection, Relief
♦ Completion and demonstration of participation in one of the Support Workshops
♦ Completion and demonstration of participation in BodyTalk Business Basics
♦ Completion and demonstration of participation of the 40 Group Exercises
♦ Received at least 5 BodyTalk Sessions with a Certified BodyTalk Instructor or Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
♦ Willingness to participate in the office hours either live or by submitting questions prior to the call and demonstrating having listened to each of the calls.
Are You Ready to Become a Vibrant Transformation Instructor?Take the Journey
Designed for aspiring on-line self-awareness Instructors and/or those who seek to deepen their own connection and awareness through a structured curriculum, this training will support you in awakening your heart and living a more meaningful and empowered life of freedom and joy.  You will transform your body, mind, and heart.This is both an in-depth study program and an instructor training for those who want to teach and practice self-awareness, connection to life, vulnerability, intimacy, self-honesty, courage, support, humility.  You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deeper studies of self-awareness and build a stronger, more flexible and balanced body, a focused, clear, and calm mind, and establish yourself in your connection to spirit.Schedule a meeting with Vibrant Transformation
If you are interested in Instructor Training call Allison to book a one-on-one chat, phone 306 . 280 . 8264, or email us at [email protected]Learning to Teach
Within this supportive community environment, you will be championed to discover your own unique gifts as a teacher and learn how to offer them with confidence and clarity. You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of self-awareness, which is compassion.  This journey of becoming a Vibrant Transformation Instructor is one of profound transformation and radical self-discovery. It requires a dedicated practice of exploration, ongoing studentship, and a willingness to open to the creative impulse of life.This program is an ongoing collection of past lessons, the present ideas, and the future plans. Each year Vibrant Transformation enhances the possibilities for Instructors in the program to be who they are and open up with kindness at this pinnacle time in their life. The program outline continues to expand with lessons that adjust to the current trainees needs.Each student’s potential and gift for teaching is emphasized. Authenticity is the key in your expression. To successfully deliver an educational on-line class to the public, each teacher in training will work on what parts of their abilities shine and encourage them to be a vibrant expression of who they truly are within their self.
What Makes this Program Unique?This training features the unique energetic leadership of Allison Bachmeier who consistently will pull the rug out from underneath what you thought was true, for you to find relief. Allison will share her passion for transformation, intimacy, adventurous explorations and practicality all while deeply listening to your needs for healing throughout this training.

Allison offers a strong background in facilitating the honouring of your feelings and deeply listening to yourself, nurturing and nourishing all aspects of self with gentleness and maternal softness with receptivity and the ability to hold space of you to find yourself, all which will be shared with students throughout the course to maximize your connection to self-care.

Allison has a passion for facilitating the connection between you and your voice to inspire the finding of others passions within themselves.

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Schedule: This flexible program allows you to complete our comprehensive online Teacher Training course on your own schedule and from the comfort of your home. Upon completion of graduation requirements, you will receive a Vibrant Transformation Instructor Certification.

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