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$457.14 for three sessions (plus 5% GST = $160/session)

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Whether you’re interested in a BodyTalk or a Somatic Breath Therapy session you’ll be treated uniquely, as the individual that you are, your session will be tailored specifically to you. Ahead of time, you’re invited to complete New Client Intake Form and
Consent Form (just right click/control click and save as); alternatively please arrive a few minutes early to complete the forms on location.

Feel free to dress in any clothing you wish, you don’t need to do anything specific prior to your appointment, though you may wish to read through this website to learn more about BodyTalk and Reveal & Release work. Treatments involve describing and helping you find awareness of what’s at the root of the symptoms, they don’t prescribe or diagnose in any way.

Session Descriptions

Somatic Breath Therapy:

This therapeutic medicine integrates  somatic awareness, conscious breathwork, sound therapy while liberating your capacity to unwind physical-mental-emotional holdings, to resolve suppressed energy in the conscious and subconscious alike. Applied psychophysiology meets non-ordinary states of consciousness, this combination of science and mysticism provides a unique union to facilitate you in remembering your wholeness and deeply heal.

This process can be done either over Zoom or in-person.  You’ll be either sitting or lying down and after reviewing your needs, we’ll begin the process by a somatic exploration which may then dovetail into the use of a conscious connected breath and sound.  The somatic exploration can continue throughout the duration of the session.  You may breath for an hour or less, depending upon the best way to nourish your nervous system in staying regulated to support feeling safe in your bodymind, setting the stage for the fullest potential of healing.  Most sessions will begin with somatic explorations and may not always include breathwork.  Somatic explorations include a variety of practices such as mindfulness, bioenergetics, Hakomi, etc.  The Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy, a body-centered approach developed by Ron Kurtz, combines somatic awareness with experiential techniques to promote psychological growth and transformation.

Sessions include a variety of polyvagal based practices to ensure we’re expanding your window of tolerance aka capacity to be with what triggers/activations in a way that’s useful and integrative, alongside of information drawn from Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and Internal Family Systems theory to meet whatever comes up organically as we journey through your nervous system to explore where the stickiness is that’s in the way of being able to calm, curious, connected and enjoy life. It’s an organic yet guided exploration of what unfinished business is connected to the nervous system and giving it time and space to be digested and alchemized, so you can regain resilience and release old trauma laden ways of being into something new and different.

These sessions also carry the option of being facilitated by 2 practitioners, more info and pricing info on that available here Duo Supported Somatic Breath Therapy Sessions

Lymphatic Drainage:

The lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system and influences everything from organ function, hormonal levels, energy flow and energy levels, heart and circulatory health, and emotional balance. The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD) provides a powerful way of supporting lymphatic health within the context of a BodyTalk session or as a stand- alone technique. Skin to skin contact is necessary and the client will be fully draped at all times.


BodyTalk is a simple and effective holistic therapy that allows your body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended.

You’ll be asked to lie on a comfortable massage table, unless you’re unable to do so in which case we’ll do the session sitting. From here, there’s a programming of your muscles to respond with yes/no answers, which are used to determine what the priority is to be treated for you to maximize the efficiency of your healing. Techniques use light touch and tapping for the necessary resolution. You can read more about this process by exploring my website.

BodyTalk works better when you understand a bit of what’s happening in your sessions. The BodyTalk Explanation that I give to all new clients can be found here (it’s recorded while I was teaching a class of new practitioners), be sure to check it out before you come for your BodyTalk sessions with me (even if you’ve received BodyTalk with another practitioner and have already experienced it’s benefits, you’ll find some new information here for you): BodyTalk Explanation for New Clients

Can BodyTalk work for a business, family or any other group dynamic? You bet! Check out an example of one such session for a group of BodyTalkers right here:

Session Investment Options

$225 incl GST for one session ($225/session)
$480 incl GST for three sessions ($160/session)
$775 incl GST for five sessions ($155/session)
$1500 incl GST for ten sessions ($150/session)

For BodyTalk Students (regardless of Instructor):
To support students working towards certification with their new IBA requirement of receiving a minimum of 5 sessions from a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner or Instructor I’m offering new packages of your certification exam (regular cost of $250 US) and BodyTalk sessions – to purchase these please email me directly with the your Fundamentals Instructor name and dates of your class to make payment arrangements as these currently aren’t available for on-line purchase.
Your exam and 3 BodyTalk sessions = $650
For your exam and 5 BodyTalk sessions = $850

Payment options include Visa, MC, cheque, cash, etransfer or PayPal (etransfer or Paypal to [email protected]).

If you are preparing for a session with Allison, please download and fill in these forms to bring with you, or alternately arrive a few minutes early to fill them in at your appointment
New Client Intake Form
Consent Form