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Here’s just a small snipet of my Reveal & Release story. I invite you to learn more about me and the work I’ve deliciously fallen head over heels in love with in one of the videos below or through this website.

This is the short version of a long story of how a skeptic whose 20 years previous self would mock, deny and laugh at this current version of self that somehow spontaneously changed with what seemed like great drive and passion at the time, but not necessarily through any goal oriented activity, which is revolutionary in and of itself.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to heal? What if you received strength and support through embracing your vulnerability?

Reveal & Release is advanced bioenergetic therapy that works effectively and is the equivalent of over one hundred energy work sessions in a weekend.

Check out this poem which captures the outcomes of Reveal & Release in a nutshell here.

When you address the dense morphogentic fields of emotions this also dislodges the neuropeptides from the cells, and they will die within seconds of being dislodged. They only stay alive when they’re attached to cells. You’ll dislodge them, the neuropeptides will die and then the lymphatic system will take them away, send them out through the kidneys. We are changing the structural integrity of the cells to open them up and we’re clearing all the choc-a-block full to the brim belief systems and strong emotions that’s inhibiting it. Now this is a major powerful therapeutic technique, that has direct ramifications on your health as well as your well-being. By clearing that away, it enables the heart-brain to function normally, keeping harmony in the body. Not only in the physiological functions, but also in the psychological and emotional functions including all the factors of being able to relate to yourself and all the people around you. You can’t feel good with your heart or truly say you’re at peace with yourself, you’re happy with yourself, you love yourself, if the heart is full of debris which is neuropeptides holding very strong energy vortexes inhibiting it. The only others who do this work would be advanced bioenergetics therapists and they do it over a longer period of time. We’re making a very powerful start, a brand new beginning.

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“I’ll never forgive that person” is the deadliest thing a person can say. We have difficulty with forgiveness because we MISINTERPRET it, we don’t understand what it means or what it’s really all about, we attach wrong doing to it. ie. I or someone else must have done something wrong in the first place. If it’s erroneously seen as having fault, it feeds our VICTIM or our BLAME. When we get attached/take this as personal, these projections, whether they be internal or external keep us entangled and hooked on lies. Reveal & Release explores forgiveness to sort out your most dynamic and strongest entanglements.

How many times have you said I’m sorry and not meant it? How does this truly impact your relationships, sense of trust and intimacy?

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Could you ever be comfortable in your own skin?

You likely learned at an early age (from family, friends, tv, magazines) that your or your body is unacceptable, deficient & lacking; that it needs improvement.

Too much? Not enough?

Your attitudes & judgements about your body hold you back from living life fully.

Reveal & Release is a workshop that focuses on your image of you as well as your body. During the Reveal & Release class, you will be led through a series of exercises designed to strip you of the masks you’ve learned to uphold & portray. All the energy you use to maintain this self-image is energy that your body could use to boost your immune system, heal you & keep you healthy. This energy is known in Chinese Medicine as your sexual energy. Is Sex Really Necessary? Explore the physical impacts of sexual blockages here.

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If you’re comfortable with feeling ashamed & embarrassed about your body or yourself… If you’re comfortable constantly comparing yourself to others’… then this class is not for you. But…

If you really want to feel what it’s like to feel comfortable in your own skin – “warts and all”…If you really want to feel the freedom of being “naked beneath your clothes”…If you really want to feel what it’s like to “let go”, then Reveal & Release is calling your name.

Reveal & Release theory has evolved from the rich traditions and developments of psychotherapy, bioenergetics, and eastern tradition. I’ve expanded the principles to create an empowering and transformative workshop where the participant can experience, recognize and resolve body centered issues, all forms of trauma and abuse as well as generalized apathy and other mental health issues.

Reveal & Release participants explore yourself by stripping off the mask of coping. The “Coping Mask” is a matrix of fears, judgments, beliefs and behaviors that restrict an individual from embracing and loving life.

Naked Beneath Our Clothes article written by Dr. John Veltheim, exposes the conditioning, experiences, and environmental influences that contribute to the distorted view of an individual’s sexuality/sensuality.

Being Naked Beneath our Clothes is an attitude of self acceptance so that life can move beyond the restrictions. The resulting opening of the heart and trust in ones own essence supports therapeutic integration and personal evolution.

  • Reveal & Release is explored in a safe, confidential environment free of
    anything sexual in nature.

  • Eligibility is based on your application, please register to start your application process. No other pre-reqs besides your commitment to live fully are required.

What’s most exciting about taking Reveal & Release? The pros are plenty and range from offering the unique opportunity of learning techniques such as Advanced BodyGenics work, Wei Qi work and understanding the energy of the nervous system to consciously experiencing self-imposed limitations to cultivate vitality within every aspect of life. A unique experiential workshop unlike any other, Reveal & Release enables a deepening of knowledge as the work becomes embodied and ignited. Ruthless honesty and gentleness deepen the practitioner’s ability to listen; strengthening the scope of their sessions by broadening the possibilities of what can be done, because it’s been experienced.You can’t take anyone anywhere you haven’t been before entreats the understanding that the physician must heal thyself first.

By daring to reveal the truth of who we really are, we authentically and vulnerably step into our lives. More present and alive a new perspective of the entangled ball of self-deceit is visible. Stepping out of the tight spot between the rock and the hard place, possibilities abound where before you thought there were none. The intellect surrenders, the heart and pelvis synchronize into animating the body, providing the means to more and more sensually feel. A freshness animates the body as you consciously experience your living belief systems.Taking responsibility for a life lived as it was, you complement an experience of yourself, one of truth. Having addressed the external behaviors, the mask of self image, the need to protect the inner turmoil (the false self) falls away as you’ve found the inevitable peace the comes in vulnerability and another way has been cultivated.

Reveal & Release seminars work together in a progressive investigation of relationship along with understanding and transforming our relationships with ourselves and others, consciously. Reveal & Release is a precursor for insight, understanding, transformation and self-love. Take your life into your own hands to explore the crossing of the abyss from ‘knowing better’ to be-ing. Reveal & Release epitomizes the foundation of all self-exploration seminars, rekindling holism via listening to address insidious coping habits of disassociation. Going straight for “heart-oriented” remedies is rarely going to give us anything more than a temporary high, because the mind constantly defends against the heart center. The flexibility of the mind allows compassion, an essential quality for all practitioners and students of life. After all, your life is about you… aren’t you curious as to what it’s saying?

Come, Live Fully.

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Reveal & Release, Transform Yourself, Empower Yourself

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