In FreeFall, participants become comfortable in their own bodies, hairs, warts and all, allowing them to cultivate a new relationship with acceptance, trust and their sexual self.

“As a general rule we associate sensuality with the emotional body and the senses – especially the subtle ones. The sexuality is primarily a function of the nervous system, reproductive system, and brain.

When the brain is disengaged, interaction tends towards the sensual. Once the brain is activate along with its tool – the imagination, then sexuality tends to be activated.

Medically, health problems with sensuality are relatively minor compared to problems with sexuality. Ironically, it is usually and lack of understanding of sensuality that leads to the belief systems that create problems with sexuality. Sexual problems are easily the major cause of serious diseases of the brain, nervous system, and genetics (reproduction or cells).

I don’t think we can live healthily without sex. I believe some people manage to cope and live apparently “normal” lives.

However, a trained eye will soon be able to spot the many manifestations of sexual blockage causing obesity, diabetes, mental disorders, spinal disorders, seizure type issues such as epilepsy and migraine, IBS, etc. We could also speculate that the lack of sex is due to pathological belief systems that will ensure they do not have the opportunities for healthy sex.

Researchers like Reich and Lowen showed that masturbation can be a temporary fix for short periods of time. However, in the long term masturbation without interaction of a partner (opposite or same sex) will definitely create sexual blockage and life threatening disease.

Research in Europe is now pointing to an unhappy sex life as probably the major factor in genetic disease and cellular malfunction such as cancer. This is why the Reveal & Release program is not just a desirable life style. It is a critically important survival factor.” -Dr. John Veltheim

FreeFall is by far one of the most effective methods to address sexual blockages underlying or symptoms as well as finding a more satisfying sex life.

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