Are you living fully? Would you like to experience more within the landscape of your own bodymind? Want an opportunity to deeply connect with the philosophy of the IBA on an experiential level? Then Reveal & Release is a must.

Having taken Reveal & Release so many times I may need to soon start counting on my toes to add them all up, I`d like to share my latest experience with you. One of the most powerful exercises this last time of monitoring in Dec was the forgiveness exercise. A few days later I could literally feel the hooks coming out of the heart with perhaps the best cry I’ve ever had. It was a cry from the heart. I had never felt the pain in such an direct way (typically the pattern even in crying was to come from a very intellectual victim-like place of “unfairness” and in this moment it was an honest cry that relieved so much pressure throughout my entire bodymind). There was a deep letting go and relaxation that followed along with the sensation of my body weight becoming dramatically lighter. Truthfully, trying to describe the experience with words does it a great disservice. It felt like a Reveal & Release in and of itself and this liberation continues to be my experience now that grief energy is being experienced more truthfully.

For-i-give is a concept which I had frequently given lip service to. It had not commonly been something which I had experience until this last Reveal & Release. For the first time during this exercise I could feel what others seemingly casually referred to speaking from the heart. This continues to play out in all opportunities I have to express myself, whether that’s with my partner, my students, my friends and of course the one who keeps me the most honest, my dog. In my relationship with my partner our communication comes less from the parent/child types of interactions that are sure to incite misery and more from adult to adult. I can literally feel when my head is trying to take over the conversation and subdue that habitual addiction which in turn allows for calmer communications; much less loss of temper and all the angry knock down drag ‘em fights that had become a frequent ritual. We are now engaged. This of course is paying off in all of my other relationships from friends to students to even strangers who are constantly now wanting to engage me in small talk.

This has also led to powerful self-forgiveness. The ability to grieve and release is like no other I’ve ever experienced to date. To be able to actually unhook, release and put my mind to rest with its constant thoughts of what I should have done, what others should have done, etc is so freeing it feels like I’m drunk or stoned but without the impact of loss of faculties. It feels so light, liberating and complete calming, much like I imagine babies to feel when they’re in that state of complete satiation of milk and comfort. What a fabulous skill to have, the ability to self-parent and self-soothe. This also contributes to being less likely to lose my temper or to engage in defensive behaviors across the board. I can now often much quicker unhook from the perceived wrongs, less often hook into those in the first place and find less value in clinging to and playing out the drama of blamer/victim. There’s now a much more satisfying ‘high’, that of truth.

Wanna Reveal & Release?