BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access provides the layperson, family, and community with a simple set of energy-based techniques to maintain health and manage daily health challenges.

Designed to bring about significant improvement in health using five simple techniques, it can be learned in one day/two evenings. You’ll walk away with a practice of 5 of the most powerful techniques in The BodyTalk System, which can be used in about 10 minutes a day.

You’ll Learn:

  • Cortices: Imagine having both sides of your brain work together as a team. Cortices helps the brain to be more efficient at being the CEO of all of your body’s’ communications.
  • Switching: Helps you to cope with stress by taking your brain from ‘stress’ mode to ‘practical action’ mode.The ‘switched’ person may have: inattentiveness, poor decision-making, confusion, the making of silly mistakes, poor coordination or mood swings.
  • Hydration: helps water to get into the cells, where it needs to be to do all of its’ jobs from absorbing nutrition to headaches, to lymph problems to aging and many others.
  • Body Chemisty: supports the immune system to effectively address infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), toxins, allergies and intolerances.
  • Reciprocals: Enabling healthy mobility and pain resolution, the coordination of the muscles, balance of the muscle tone and the unrestricted flow of energy through the body are all critical to healthy functioning.
  • First Aid System: Fast treatment for acute emergencies, this is one of the most efficient treatments in existence.

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