“Out of the shell of the broken heart emerges the newborn soul.” ― Hazrat Inayat Khan




You are invited to come explore your conflict and struggle to see what it’s really telling you and to find possibilities where you thought there were none.

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About Allison

I help humans  learn about their bodies and minds, looking at what seems to be a restriction, limitation or tension and curiously exploring the information it holds while holding space for embodied awarenesses and transformation.  A melding of psychology meets spirituality to offer spaciousness on how we can meet ourselves in new ways and connect to the aliveness of life’s moments organically, mindfully through loving presence. 

Extensive education in the body and the mind, includes: B.Sc in Anatomy, B.A. in Psychology and 2.5 years of medical school, followed by a personal health crisis involving cancer led to the discovery of consciousness based medicine, BodyTalk. All of which led to a  deepening into breathwork and somatics which draws upon information from Hakomi Somatic Psychology, Bodynamics Somatic Developmental Psychology, Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems along with Numa Somatics Breathwork and training in perinatal trauma and water breathwork.  

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