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Spine Love

“In September, I listened to each week’s session 3 times. This morning, after time passed, I re-listened to week 1 again and it seemed like I heard it all for the first time! It blew me away and two things that were very significant came from it.

1) I had no idea how much stuff I had collected / hoarded. Until now, I couldn’t have imagined parting with any of it. I dragged it all out from hiding in cupboards, closets, under the bed. When it was time for my middle-eastern bazaar. I let go of it. It felt so good and emotional to release it all.
2) After my 4-day BodyTalk Fundamentals class with you, Mark and I have settled into a fantastic routine of 2-hour love making sessions three mornings a week. And, to think for 30-years, we had sex just once a week.

In addition, my hot flashes are 100% gone since my Reveal and Release session in April. I still spend some time each morning naked and sleep naked as well. My skin is incredibly soft and smooth like velvet! My whole life I had bumps on the sides of my thighs and backs of my arms which I hated. I feel more in love with me each day.

Thank you for your support and knowledge through this year, it truly has been freeing and transformational. The best year of my life!

An “A” for you!”
 ♦ Linda Yablonski

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Here are some experiences shared by students of Allison’s seminars.

If you have had an experience you would like to share, please feel free to contact Allison with your testimonial, and let her know you would like to share your story.

Student Testimonials:

-The atmosphere of this class was one of calm and collected. Allison
shared her expertise in a clear, concise and informative manner with a
humble attitude and helpful way. I would love to take any course that
she would be teaching and highly recommend her to anyone.

-Allison’s diverse background in medicine and shared personal
experiences created a rich learning environment. Her honesty throughout
the course regarding her life journey as an individual and in her
experiences as a BodyTalk learner and practitioner was invaluable. She
is personable and real – a joy to learn from. Thank you, Allison.

-Instantly I began to feel shifting this morning and continued
throughout the day.

-This course (BodyTalk Fundamentals) was absolutely amazing. I have
never had so many “shifts”! I could probably fill a couple of pages
about how much I love BodyTalk, instead I will say it has changed my
life, and how I see life!

-I really like the visual pictures – opening the anatomy book, and again
your clear teaching method. I feel comfortable asking questions as you
make us feel like “no question is a dumb question”.

-I loved monitoring your course. I picked up on so many new items I
missed last time. I now feel very comfortable with all the material –
even though I know every time I read the manual or monitor, I will
continue to learn. I absolutely love EVERYTHING about the way you teach
the course – your ideas, your personality, your class space.

-I really appreciated getting to thoroughly explore those details that
needed reviewing, or I missed, forgot or mixed up from the first time
through the course.

-Taking BodyTalk Fundamentals again with Allison was fantastic. It felt
like a new course but a great review. Allison brought new information
and different angles of presentation of the material. Thank you so much!


“I feel sooo very calm inside my body now. I never experienced such a degree of patience and serenity before. I sleep better. Spending time with family during the holidays was most delightful and easy this time.”
 ♦ R. M.

“Thank you so much for your generosity, your caring and compassion, your powerful ability to communicate easily, personally and with great clarity to a large group, and your sharing of your knowledge and insights. I have learned so much, and grown in areas of my life that have been stuck for a long time, despite much personal growth work as well as BodyTalk. I think your combination of the power of group sessions with exercises and information from Reveal & Release has opened me up for important shifts in my life.   I was also very inspired by your introductory video–your honesty,warmth and humour were delightful. Your strength and courage are an awesome example of being authentic.  One new awareness is that I can dissolve old beliefs,etc. by giving their source or roots what they need, eg. often love & understanding. In the past I have not known how to let go of them, even when I was aware of my judgments, fears, etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the immeasurable gifts I received from your course. I will pay it forward as opportunity presents. And I will continue to work with the recordings and exercises for deeper levels.  Wishing you all the best in your life and work,”
 ♦ C. C.

“The things that stood out most to me:
1) I am always supported. Always!
2) We are one.”

 ♦ Adrienne Perrot

“I wanted to thank you again for offering this 40 day experience.  It’s given me a lot to think about.  And shift about.

I just had the opportunity this evening to listen to the BT session from yesterday.  It hit all the areas of my body that needed addressing, as did the other BT sessions that you did throughout this time.  I did notice yesterday afternoon and evening that I was going to the bathroom a lot.  Now, having heard the session from yesterday, I know why: release, release, release.

An FYI:  my mom passed just before you offered this so I thought it was perfect timing to help me release the grief related to her passing as well as, I’ve found, a great deal of grief that comes from active memories from this and past lives.  I wasn’t even able to listen to the first session in one sitting.  I had to stop part way through and come back to it later.  I took that to mean that I had a great deal to shift from that session.  I found other sessions to be uncomfortable as well, so they were definitely having an effect.  I made myself finish those in one sitting, though.

Many of the early childhood things you brought up resonated with me as well as the past life memories, or marbles, as they’re called in BT, I know.  🙂  I’m also doing Bodytalk on myself and, between yours and mine, I’m finding I’m having quite a few ‘aha’ moments.  I was a bit of a packrat as well and, tough and emotional as it’s been, I’ve been able to let go of papers I’ve had for years, bit by bit.  Baby steps.”
 ♦ G. H.

“What a powerful session today!  I actually had to listen to it 3 times to make it through as I kept experiencing a heavy wave of fatigue.    I have been struggling with pain for the last few years in my right lower back and sacrum area and down the leg.  Every aspect of the session really hit home for me. Thank you!”
 ♦ J. G.

“I thank you again, very much, for this wonderful and loving opportunity for healing you give all of us.

The flue-like feeling as well as my sore throat has almost vanished by now. I am amazed at the intensity of your sessions, which, although having received many many sessions, also from senior instructors, I have not experienced as such before. I am able to sense exactly when the session takes place although asleep. If healing takes place in the same intensity that would be so very fantastic! Yes, I am doing all the exercises as well to facilitate big changes. ;)”
 ♦ K. P.

“I want to thank you for this exercise in particular.  When I did it this past week it revealed a memory that I didn’t even hardly know about and certainly didn’t realize that I was storing it in my body.  The intense energy that was released was incredible!  I’ve uncovered the identities that were attached to this memory and the relief and joy I feel as a result is incredibly liberating.  Thank you for offering me a very unexpected catalyst to healing!”
 ♦ L. S.

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“Great session and thank you.  During this week I started reading my chakra book  “wheels of life” and keeping only to the base chakra.  I’m seeing the beauty and taking in the awe of just being and how beautiful nature and life really is.  Being grateful.  I also seem to be a bit calmer this week.  Thank you again, I look forward to session 2 and moving on into my book with the second chakra. As they seem to be working well together for me.”
 ♦ D. R.

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Men, Sex, and Love

“This has been very interesting for me and really I have never thought about how the roles of masculine and feminine are played in each of us.  I had a session with David yesterday and it was really interesting as this very topic of masculine energy came up and how my masculine energy is so much more dominant than the feminine for me because of the roles I have had in my life and my maternal grandparents.  I just found it interesting how this all came around to being addressed this month while I was working with you on this very topic!”
 ♦ Susan Morris-Ross

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Self Love

“I got everything I needed, I may not have shifted or found awareness like others did, but it was what I was ready for! I have started to ‘let go’ of judgements and everything that comes along with it.  Throughout this journey I really started to discover ‘self’ and that sounds crazy that I couldn’t before.  Who knew there was a whole support team inside me, I still need to learn to connect with them more though and remember that I don’t need to be the same everyday, I can be soft, strong, playful etc – I can ‘best support myself’ in whatever way I need.  I also learned to give myself more credit, I don’t need someone to tell me what to do or do it to/for me for it to be successful, I experienced at least 10 of the days before they were sent out, I really am connected to all and can tap into that!  I feel like I have gained an everyday tool to expand my awareness even more. 

I really can’t say enough good things about FF40, it was something I looked forward to everyday.”
 ♦ K. S.

“I have spent my life cold, dark and lonely. Depressed to points that I don’t wish for any other human to understand, So hurt at times I couldn’t breathe, anxiety and pain crippling my body on a daily basis. The internal struggle that just would never stop to give me reprieve, it seemed, for not even for one day.

I have looked forward to receiving the emails every day..almost like Christmas morning. To accept all of life’s experience’s and pain as opportunities to heal and grow, free self awareness!! I’m now in a place, that when I feel pain, I take the time to go inward and investigate. Hear the pain, recognize it and learn from it. Allow it to be my best teacher. It’s a curvy road with so many ups and downs, but I am learning to enjoy what is coming at the next turn and take life as it unfolds.

These 40 days have been some of the most raw experiences that I’ve ever had, and as I have many things on the must do list, I really have learned to take it one day at a time.

Thank you so very much Allison, and I mean that WHOLEHEARTEDLY.”
 ♦ Anonymous

“what do i know now that i didn’t know 39 days ago?

Compassion for my body, being able to look at  it without judgments and criticism and more with compassionate observation.  Observing how dissociated my upper body is from my lower.  Seeing the sensuality within my back and my curves and looking beyond the surface.  Really seeing my body consciously from a view that I’ve never seen before.  Embracing vulnerability and discovering my intimate artist…me.  Realizing that I can paint from that intimacy with no expectations and I saw something beautiful and felt it and that’s all that matters.

Realizing that I do have the will to quit something for 40 days (coffee), but that it was actually more difficult for me to start something for 40 days.  I wanted to commit to my yoga mat for 10 minutes every day, but when I couldn’t exercise because I was sick or my knee was bad I didn’t go on the yoga mat.  Then realizing that I didn’t need to exercise to commit to my yoga mat, that I could have done corpse pose, meditated, read a book, been still in my thoughts.  Being proud of this awareness and realizing that this was just as much a part of falling in love with myself.”
 ♦ Amy Dawns

“So the biggest change has been that now it’s NATURAL for me to put my needs first, rather than an overwhelming, never-ending struggle.  And my biggest revelation is the huge transformation that can occur (even of a ‘hopeless’ situation) when practical action through the lens of PUTTING SELF FIRST (honestly) is taken.  A surprising fact to me is that it seems that TRUE PRACTICAL ACTION can only be identified after working with self so honestly (that said after years of ‘practical action’ and never making the strides I did in the last 40 days!).”
 ♦ Anonymous

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Sex, Passion and Love

“I just needed to tell you that I have been flirting all over the place and LOVE it!!!  I love smiling at people like I mean it and not being afraid to look anyone in the eyes, of having little conversations and giving more freely of my time and interest.  Thanks for that challenge.  I loved the whole experienced and learned a ton!!  xoxo  Thanks for sharing your passion, time and expertise!”
 ♦ N. B.

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“I just wanted to thank you for putting together this series. I really feel, especially after this last session that I am on the outskirts of a lot of struggle an coming into a place of more clarity and understanding. The homework has been SOOOO difficult, but doable. I don’t know if it would have been even doable under different circumstances. I am very excited of our upcoming session, my intentions are for further clarity and more of these centred feelings.  Again thank you so much. I am feeling like I have myself back in an old and new way   Xxx So much love to you.”
 ♦ S. J.

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Relief, Being You

“Some thoughts to share:
– this journey has been about finding myself (whooo!)
– I’ve learnt that happiness can really only be found by looking within – that’s the starting point!
– loving myself is the best way to start something great – it’s the best way to serve and follow my purpose
– this was such a crazy and weird experience…but it has been incredibly transformative!
– I don’t even remember what I was like 40 days ago – it’s like doors and windows are flying open, the light’s coming in and I am ready to leap forward”
 ♦ A. P.

“This has been an amazing 40 day exploration!!!  I am grateful for all of us who have been part, but especially for you and your commitment to Self!!!  I truly felt seen; warts and all!!!  Thank you for the work that you do and for being you!!!  It has been such a powerful experience; I know we all do our parts bur you are an inspiration and I am honored to be part.  The wisdom you embody just shines through in the sessions that you facilitate!!!  It really is beautiful to experience!!!”
 ♦ C. W.

“I just wanted to say thank you for these past weeks.  I had a period of intense loss over Christmas that sent me into a deep depression.  Working each day was painful and difficult, but as I sit here today there is a wonderful peace and the knowledge that life gives us everything we need to heal.  I can not change the situation but there is hope in the middle of the darkness.  And for the first time in my life I am present to my pain.  Not pretending or putting on a happy face.  Who knew I had it in me? lol

Anyways, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  This has changed my life.”
 ♦ T. A.

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