Vibrant Transformation Sessions

Whether you’re interested in a Somatic Breath Therapy session, BodyTalk or a blending of both in a session you’ll be treated uniquely, as the individual that you are, your session will be tailored specifically to you. Ahead of time, you’re invited to complete New Client Intake Form and Consent forms (just right click/control click and save as); alternatively please arrive a few minutes early to complete the forms on location.

Feel free to dress in any clothing you wish, you don’t need to do anything specific prior to your appointment, though you may wish to read through this website to learn more.  All sessions focus on facilitating you to find awareness of what’s at the root of the symptoms, they don’t prescribe or diagnose in any way.


Somatic Breath Therapy (approx 90mins)

In being guided through the challenges, through the struggles, through the traumas alike, to hear and know your own inner wisdom. In realizing and recovering treasured parts of yourself that may not have safely seen the light of day for a long time, is where you can reclaim yourself.  Imagine space for healing that can actually happen at such a deep, and profound, level you don’t have to consistently go back and do more and more, but you can create a new vibrant aliveness in how you connect to your life. And the peace that arises from this so naturally is real.

There is a profound and transformative power to any healing that comes from within repairing and reorganizing the entire system around it; re-patterning the bodymind system in harmony with a deeper clarity of yourself than you may have ever had before.

It’s a rich joy to guide, listen, mirror and facilitate you through this process. To support you in learning about yourself from the inside out, setting the stage for safety so the soma and psyche alike can reassemble into their natural potential for healing.

Weaving together elements of Internal Family Systems, Hakomi Somatic Therapy, Numa Somatics breathwork, body mapping, Bodynamics Somatic Developmental Psychology, BodyTalk, Somatic Experiencing, polyvagal theory, the wisdom of ‘non-ordinary states of consciousness’ and more — all within a gentle trauma informed lens — we will explore together to address any trauma and held patterns in the bodymind system. Liberating and unwinding physical-mental-emotional-spiritual holdings, to resolve suppressed energy in the conscious and subconscious alike, to address what seems to be in the way of being able to calm, curious, connected, and to simply enjoy your life.

Together, moving from history to mystery.  Step by beautiful step.

The practical stuff:

This process can be done either over Zoom or in-person.  You’ll be either sitting or lying down and after reviewing your needs, we’ll begin the process by a somatic exploration which may then dovetail into the use of a conscious connected breath and sound.  The somatic exploration can continue throughout the duration of the session.  You may breath for an hour or less, depending upon the best way to nourish your nervous system in staying regulated to support feeling safe in your bodymind, setting the stage for the fullest potential of healing.  Most sessions will begin with somatic explorations and may not always include breathwork.  

Water based sessions available: All of the above processes can be combined with water based therapeutic breathwork and perinatal trauma release work which is particularly geared towards repatterning trauma imprints from conception to birth.  Imagine flowing from being held in the water in an outdoor natural environment, to the a cozying comfort of warming yourself by the fireplace as we continue to integrate with practices to help you land, while exploring new possibilities and connections to new states of being.

These sessions also carry the option of being facilitated by 2 practitioners, more info on that below in the Duo Supported Somatic Breath Therapy Sessions.


Duo Supported Somatic Breath Therapy Sessions (approx 90mins-2 hours)

“We often protect and hide, not what we most fear, but what is most precious in us.” 

What is it like to be deeply seen, held, and honoured, in both our struggles and grief, in the deep beauty and gifts we carry, by both a male and female presence?

In those early, precious, times of life, most of us didn’t have this opportunity.
This early loss can have tremendous repercussions — setting in motion patterns of shut down, pushing away, ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving, acting and being that aren’t natural to our hearts. All of which gets stored in the tissues of our body and the deep recesses of our minds.

We adapt to survive. We exile what’s most precious. We lose ourselves.

Our interest is to creating a safe, trauma informed, healing environment to help all those parts of you that needed, and deserve, to be seen, honoured and met, be so from a both male and female. Re-patterning your experience at a deep level. Rippling throughout whole of your life, in work, in relationships, and beyond.

We are interested in supporting you to learn and deepen, not just, into who you think you are or once were, but into the mystery that awaits.
Much of us was hidden so early, in a world that didn’t reflect it back to us, we may not even know it exists.
This is a platform for the wonder of what and who you are.

We honour that even the hurt can be an access point.
That trauma and its causes are varied and
That the body has healing wisdoms within it. That nothing is ever lost, only obscured. That change happens in leaps and step by step, every day.

Through deep listening, and guidance by two facilitators, and friends, who have traversed this ground individually, together, and have guided others — both with unique and complementary backgrounds — a profound healing environment is created, and rich ground can be covered.

Those who have had the gift of both male and female guidance, in this safe loving container, have spoken highly of the the deep and lasting change it offered.

We will work somatically, through inquiry, imagery, breath, energy pathways informed by Eastern medicine, mindfulness, and more — all honouring your own organic healing way.

We look forward to the journey together.
It’s always a gift to behold.

Thank you.  Marcus Reicher & Allison Bachmeier

“The great fear is the loss of ourselves, which is also our joy, our beauty, our gift, our peace, our offering.”


BodyTalk Sessions (30-45mins)

You’ll be asked to lie on a comfortable massage table, unless you’re unable to do so in which case we’ll do the session sitting. From here, there’s a programming of your muscles to respond with yes/no answers, which are used to determine what the priority is to be treated for you to maximize the efficiency of your healing. Techniques use light touch and tapping for the necessary resolution. This process can be done over Zoom, in-person or by a full distance session whereby I record and send an audio recording. You can read more about this process by exploring BodyTalk

BodyTalk works better when you understand a bit of what’s happening in your sessions. The BodyTalk Explanation that I give to all new clients can be found here (it’s recorded while I was teaching a class of new practitioners), be sure to check it out before you come for your BodyTalk sessions with me (even if you’ve received BodyTalk with another practitioner and have already experienced it’s benefits, you’ll find some new information here for you):


Can BodyTalk work for a business, family or any other group dynamic? You bet! Check out an example of one such session for a group of BodyTalkers right here:

Session Descriptions

BodyTalk: (30-45mins)
BodyTalk is a simple and effective holistic therapy that allows your body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Zoom, in-person or full remote (record and send).

Somatic Breath Therapy: (approx 90mins)
Nourish your nervous system and unwind holding patterns while resolving emotional stagnation via breathing and mindful explorations of your bodymind.  In-person (land or water based sessions are available for in-person options) or Zoom.  Option to have 2 facilitators in a Duo Supported sessions with both Allison and Marcus.  

Session Investment Options

Session rates are the same regardless of time, and apply to BodyTalk or Somatic Breath Therapy which generally speaking requires more time.  Descriptions above.

$225 incl GST for one session ($225/session incl GST or $214.29 without GST)
$480 incl GST for three sessions ($160/session incl GST or $457.14 without GST)
$775 incl GST for five sessions ($155/session incl GST or $738.10 without GST)
$1500 incl GST for ten sessions ($150/session incl GST or $1428.57 without GST)
Duo Supported Somatic Breath Therapy Sessions are $297/session or $797/three sessions (tax not included)

Please note that taxes are automatically added at checkout for Canadian based clients.


Duo Supported Sessions

For BodyTalk Students (regardless of Instructor):
To support students working towards certification with their new IBA requirement of receiving a minimum of 5 sessions from a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner or Instructor I’m offering new packages of your certification exam (regular cost of $250 US) and BodyTalk sessions:
Your exam and 3 BodyTalk sessions = $650
For your exam and 5 BodyTalk sessions = $850

Payment options include Visa, MC, etransfer or PayPal (etransfer or Paypal to [email protected]).

If you are preparing for a session with Allison, please download and fill in these forms to bring with you, or alternately arrive a few minutes early to fill them in at your appointment
Well-Being Form
Consent Form

Allison is qualified to perform advanced technique treatments, read more about it on the advanced treatments page here