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BodyTalk Review (Video & Audio)

For those who’ve taken BodyTalk Fundamentals, be sure to check out my new on-line seminar BodyTalk Review (Video & Audio) which is brilliant for those of you doing your exam or who really want to understand your material to enhance the results of your BodyTalk sessions. These comprehensive video’s and audio mp3’s will cover all those BodyTalk Fundamentals salient points that are crucial to remember when working with clients, family members, friends including hand positions for each technique and how to explain the techniques so you can begin to easily explain what you’re doing in your BodyTalk sessions. Also included is a sample oral exam with questions and answers for you to study along with – perfect for those of you who want to have an easy way to review the techniques.

Check out all the details and get a sample of these fantastic support resources and materials designed for your needs here.

BodyTalk Access

Wellness tools for every day, easy stress management, several of the most powerful balancing techniques of the BodyTalk System have been adapted for you to use in the home, school, or work environment.
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BodyTalk Fundamentals

Re-defining Healthcare, this seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk System and presents many powerful treatment techniques that address all levels of health and dis-ease.
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Explore self by stripping off the mask of coping. The “Coping Mask” is the fears, judgments, beliefs and behaviors that restrict an individual from embracing and loving life.
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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration

Fundamentals Integration will cover new material not taught anywhere else, review BodyTalk Fundamentals concepts and techniques in 1.5-2 days, get you comfortable talking about BodyTalk and it’ll help those of you wishing you to write your exam get prepared. In addition to meeting your specific needs as this course is tailored to the individual students it’ll also be sure to cover:
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