Fundamentals Integration

Pre-req to this seminar is BodyTalk Fundamentals

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A question I often receive from students is whether or not they should take Fundamentals again or if they should do Fundamentals Integration and what the difference is between the two classes. Here are some points to consider:

Some students choose to take both Fundamentals (a second time) and Fundamentals Integration, as there are substantial benefits to both.

Taking Fundamentals again, at the 75% discounted rate for IBA members, will allow for a more leisurely review as we’ll be taking the entire four days to review the material. If you feel like you could use more time to review the concepts and techniques then this may be the best choice for you. After taking Fundamentals again you may wish to take Fundamentals Integration.

Fundamentals Integration, which would be full price for those taking it the first time (there is a monitoring fee of a 75% discount for IBA members wishing to take it a second time) will take less time to review the concepts and techniques of BodyTalk Fundamentals (1.5-2 days), it’ll cover new material not taught anywhere else and it’ll help those of you wishing you to write your exam get prepared. In addition to meeting your specific needs as this course is tailored to the individual students it’ll also be sure to cover:

-Q and A along with continued On-Line Support
-Review of Exploring Procedure
-Review of BodyTalk Fundamentals Techniques
-Discussion and practice on refining your muscle checking
-Discussion about how to prepare for the exam and answering any questions pertaining to the exam
-Delving deeper into specific areas of Fundamentals based on the Instructor’s area of expertise:
-Review key elements and troubleshoot problem area
-Learn advanced techniques not taught anywhere else: including the advanced meridian, vivaxis and nervous system techniques
-Watch and practice how to introduce BodyTalk to someone new
-How to talk about and build your BodyTalk business

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The Fundamentals Integration Seminar:
· Consists of ample practice time
· Enhances confidence in your BodyTalk abilities
· Gives you tips to develop professionalism
· Prepares you for your certification exam
· Gives you practical business building skills

Fundamentals Integration Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will:
– Develop a deeper understanding of the Exploring Procedure, and the meanings of Details, More Specific, Orientation, Definition, Link, Implementation, Tap Out, Specific Tapping, Hand Placements, Breathing.
– Understand how to professionally explain a session and formulas to a client.
– Develop confidence with their muscle checking.
– Have all of their questions answered about the Fundamentals techniques and performing sessions on clients.
– Understand how to use the appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.
– Feel more confident about discussing BodyTalk with potential new clients.
– Other objectives addressed will be dependent on the Instructor teaching the course.
– Understand how to prepare for the CBP exam.

What Students Say They Like The Most About Fundamentals Integration:
– Gaining Confidence
– The New Techniques!
– Personalized Approach and opportunity to get so many questions answered!
– The class was tailored to what we needed
– Lots of one-on-one time to ask questions and practice
– The review of Fundamentals with extra hints and info
– How to work with Intuition
– Business Building Ideas
– Exploring the Sense of Touch
– Great ideas to help me think outside of the box!
– Fantastic On-line Support and Assistance
– Allison’s Reassurance and Support

“Allison’s way of showing you what you already know is admirable. Integration gave me a deeper understanding of the Fundamentals and how far just they can take you without any advanced courses, even though I have taken a few. Deepening my relationship with my intuition has been one of the greatest outcomes that I didn’t expect.” -Suzi Cook, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

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Part of the focus of Fundamentals Integration is to help prep those who wish to write the exam, which had some changes as of Jan 1, 2014:

CBP Exam:
The exam will now be including more short answer and essay type questions to ensure testing of understanding versus memorization.

Students will be required to document their 50 BodyTalk practice sessions, which must be done from memory. The examining instructor will review these documented sessions. Also, students must receive a minimum of 5 BodyTalk sessions from a CBP or higher qualification ie. A BodyTalk Instructor.
The certification exam cost is $250.00 US to the Instructor and $50 US to the IBA.

The IBA’s goal is to increase quality control for CBP session. Insuring the CBP is confident and fully understands the material providing a standard in CBP sessions.

Exam Writing Opportunities:
I’ll continue to offer exam-writing opportunities on either the last day of class or at another time that works well for you.

Do know my personal examining philosophy is one of it being a learning opportunity, to nurture you and your growth as a future BodyTalker. In line with this, the atmosphere is one of support and mentorship for you.

Study Tools:
There are tools on-line at in the Students section (regardless of your Fundamentals Instructor, all Fundamentals students can register for no charge here) to help you easily succeed, including a fun procedure example – can you spot the mistake?, a sample exam and many examples of sessions within the last half of each of the recorded study groups. You’re welcome to make up your own procedure examples and send them in and I’ll give you feedback.

Want a tool that doesn’t exist on the site yet? Let me know about it and we’ll continue to grow together. Please know that if you have any questions along the way.

“Allison is a fantastic teacher who’s knowledge far exceeds the course material” – Melanie Dauk, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner

“Allison is knowledgeable and approachable, bringing gentleness and confidence to her seminars” – Laila Jones, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

“Course was great! Perfect review before my exam and am so excited to dive into the new techniques that have opened up Allison is amazing, fun and inspirational. Thank-You!”
-Sarah Jordan, Model & Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

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