1. I forgot my username.  How do I get into my account?
    • You can sign in using the email address that you used to set up the account.
  2. I forgot my password.  How do I get into my account?
    • Follow this Forgot your password? link.  This link is also available on the My Account page.
    • You will need to supply the email address or username that you used to set up your account.
    • Once you have followed the instructions, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  3. Why 40 days for the exploration series?
    • The brain scientists, yogis, and metaphysicians all agree that if you can do anything for 40-days you can change, a 40-day commitment to the shift is the foundation for the awareness to take root.
  4. What is involved in a live event?
    • A live event is a unique course that we are running for the first time. That means that you get to experience the session recordings at the time that they are being recorded.
    • Live events are one of the only ways to get a discounted rate on a course at Vibrant Transformation. We love adding your passion for our new explorations to our own.
  5. When do I get access to my courses?
    • Most of our courses begin on the Monday after you make your purchase.  You get Saturday and Sunday to sit with Friday’s exercise.  If this doesn’t work for your schedule and you would like a different start date, please include this in the comments on your order or contact me at [email protected]
  6. How do payment plans work?
    • You pay the deposit upon checkout. Then you will receive invoices monthly until the balance is paid. You will have seven (7) days to pay invoices. After seven (7) days, your account is suspended.
    • Payment plan options are only available prior to adding any courses to your cart. If you added a course to your cart with the wrong payment plan or pay in full, remove the course from your cart and re-add with the corrected payment plan.
    • Only the payment plans listed on the course are available for that course.
  7. When does access to my course expire?
    • You will have access to your course so long as you have an account with Vibrant Transformation.
  8. When does my gift certificate expire?
    • Your gift certificate will not expire so long as you have registered your account with Vibrant Transformation.
  9. How effective are recordings of integration sessions?
    • It’s exactly the same effectiveness as if you were in the room when the session was done. Many participants say they feel the session taking place and that as long as they listen to it, they feel they get the full benefit of the experience. I’ve even had children included in the sessions who do not have the capacity to listen to the sessions, but still get great results. You will still have a powerful healing experience. Many re-listen to their sessions to continue to enhance their experience. Here’s one client’s testimonial to listening to a recording: “Oh and Allison I have to tell you – I was feeling very off a few days before Christmas and couldn’t peg why. I listened to one of the sessions I had from several months ago when I had been feeling the same way and received distance work from you. Within a few hours of re listening to that session ALL of my ‘symptoms’ were gone. I felt it all lift and I have been fine since. You saved me – again – and I am so so grateful. Thank you so much ?. Lindsay Hull
  10. How do I access my sessions?
    • You will have access to your group sessions through your account at here at vibranttransformation.com under My Courses. The same as you will receive email notifications of your exercises as they become available, you will receive email notifications to access the session recordings. Even if you lose the email, your access through My Courses will be maintained so long as you have an active account.
    • For individual sessions, a private link will be emailed directly to you after your session takes place. If you have signed up for an individual BodyTalk session, you will need to request this by sending us an email at [email protected] within four (4) months of your course start date. You will receive a reply within a week of your email within a week of requesting the session.
  11. Where do my sessions take place?
    • In the comfort of your home, a quiet place at work, or even from your local park. Your sessions take place virtually, which means that you can access the recording of your session at your convenience, any time.
  12. Who can see my comments if I post them?
    • Anyone who has or will purchase the same WorkShop in the future can see your comments. Those who haven’t purchased that Workshop cannot see your comments. Your comments will not be visible to any members of the public who haven’t purchased the Workshop
  13. What if I have questions about our exercises or sessions?
    • Allison is renowned for providing ongoing support and self-care exercises will be a staple for your experience and your commitment to healing. I will be available via e-mail, FaceBook message, or commenting on the lesson itself – whichever is easiest for you.
    • By commenting on the lesson, other students enrolled in the course will be able to view and gain clarity from your question.
  14. How do I book more individual sessions with Allison?
    • Send me an email or FaceBook message at your convenience, or simply click on Contact Us on the main menu.

Any other questions please do let me know at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer them for you.