Energetic Stomach Cleanse

“Every investigation which is guided by principles of Nature fixes its ultimate aim entirely on gratifying the stomach.” -Athenaeus

3 BodyTalk Sessions
and optional physical cleanse suggestions

Ideal for all humans seeking relief.

You’ll receive your energetic cleanse sessions on day 1, day 4 and day 7. I recommend listening to the first session at least twice or more during days 1-3, the second session at least twice or more during days 4-6 and the third session at least twice or more starting on day 7 and following. Note that all 3 sessions can be listened to at anytime thereafter for further relief and you can continue to receive benefit from these sessions for many months and years to come.

From a consciousness or body psychology perspective, if there’s an issue with your stomach it can show up bio-energetically as:

-Worried, negative state of mind, indecisive or decision-making anxiety
-Feel over-burdened with responsibilities already and reluctant to take on new ideas or inputs out of fear that this will result in further restrictions, requirements and responsibilities
-Inability to assimilate experiences, ie. literally can’t “stomach” the experience(s)
-Trouble digesting ideas, incapacity to expand their consciousness and integrate new information
-Unable to comprehend, leading to confusion and demoralization
-Intense power issues or anger that generates resentments, dislike and bitterness that blocks the digestion of experiences as well as disrupting the ability to accept that which the experiences are trying to teach you.
-Eating yourself away with anger
-Rejecting and restricting your consciousness by being over discriminating
-Much conflict between head and heart, between thought and feeling functions
-Denial, repression rationalism and over-analyzing
-Rejection of either the masculine or feminine nature within self
-Inflexible attitudes and avoidance of assimilation
-Feel like you’re being treated as the enemy
-Self-rejection to deflect nurturance, support and relevant acceptance
-Difficulty holding nourishment and manifesting a comfortable home, financial security and a happy personal life due to sever guilt and shame feelings
-Unwilling to accept sustenance due to worth issues, feel like you shouldn’t be included in things
-Super-sensitive, highly apprehensive and therefore easily dominated
-Huge backlog of profoundly hurt feelings
-Intensely suppressing of your self-commitment or a subconscious super-selfishness
-Deep-seated sense of discouragement, disappointment, dread, despair and depression
-Very weary, tired, feeling apathetic to the being of feeling immobilized – all based on the feeling that they don’t deserve anything positive
-Shame-inducing dysfunctional family dynamics while growing up

Why do an energetic cleanse for your stomach?

Just like you, your gut needs a period of rest and rejuvenation to function optimally. Giving your gut a break can reduce inflammation, shed water weight, and reduce bloating. A healthy gut makes for a healthy body. The gut is thought to be the seat of all health by many as it’s also thought to house up to 80% of our immune system! If your gut is inflamed by stress, sleep disturbances, wrong food choices, food sensitivities, etc, as you heal your gut you will see improvements in other symptoms you were having that seemed so remote to your gut it didn’t even cross your mind they might be related!
Happy Gut = Happy Mind

On that note, bio-energetically speaking, your stomach reflects or mirrors what’s happening in your conscious mind. If you’re full of fear or dread of the future or feel like you’re facing some sort of indigestible or nauseating relating in your life, it’ll show up in your stomach. The list above goes into more consciousness understandings and body psychology of the stomach.

Scientists have dubbed the gut as our “second brain.” Your brain in your head is not the only source of your thoughts and actions. The science behind this is the gut has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, working in communication with your brain and central nervous systems, yet capable of its own independent reflexes. Of course, it can’t wait for your brain to stop thinking to digest and poop. Your gut can even tell your brain to shut down so it can digest a heavy dose of starchy carbs (the reason for your post-Christmas brain fog).

The gut and its microflora are also another source of neurotransmitters — those chemical messengers that control your mood and temperament. That means beyond your brain, the neurotransmitters from your gut can influence your mood, sugar cravings (the reason you desire that piece of chocolate or cookie), and even food choices based on emotions.

Your gut feelings are often the first sense that something is either exciting or terribly wrong. Trusting your gut feelings and instincts is akin to trusting your intuition.

In our go go go worlds, it’s easy to see that juggling work, family, health, etc often leads to a demanding schedule. More pressure, more stress means more anxiety. Combine that with seemingly less time to take care of ourselves and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. Exhaustion and fatigue give rise to all those sabotages you use, preventing optimal health.

Ready to hit your “pause” button and find a different way? Commit to putting yourself and your health first so you an both play the game of life with greater ease as well as perhaps take stock and change how it us you’re ‘doing’ life. Come stabilize your blood and all it regulates.

If you have a stomach/digestive disorder or issues I strongly recommend having individual guidance with a medical professional as well.

If you choose to do this alongside of a physical cleanse (ideas for support are provided complimentary or you can google or use your own if you have one that you prefer).

There’s always another way.

Come explore what drives you, what you’re getting from it, how it’s been serving you, how it hasn’t and step into another way to experience your life.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, and sensuality.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

“Every session it feels like you’re treating just me, are you sure these sessions aren’t just for me?” is common feedback received when working with group BodyTalk sessions, pre-recorded or live.

Stop chasing your symptoms and come experience relief.

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