Energetic Nervous System Cleanse

Are you feeling like your life needs a ‘pause’ button? Do you feel stuck or stagnant, lacking in abundance?

3 BodyTalk Sessions
and optional physical cleanse instructions

Ideal for all humans seeking relief.

“The purpose of the nervous system is to organize chaos.” -Stephen H. Wolinksy

You’ll receive your energetic cleanse sessions on day 1, day 4 and day 7. I recommend listening to the first session at least twice or more during days 1-3, the second session at least twice or more during days 4-6 and the third session at least twice or more starting on day 7 and following. Note that all 3 sessions can be listened to at anytime thereafter for further relief and you can continue to receive benefit from these sessions for many months and years to come.

Why do an energetic cleanse for your nervous system? If you find yourself feeling like your mind or your head is not your own, not saying not quite what you mean, mixing up your words, having trouble focusing or concentrating, feeling foggy or burnt out and worn out or having issues sexually this can all be related to issues within the nervous system. These can all be easily addressed with energetic cleansing.

In our go go go worlds, it’s easy to see that juggling work, family, health, etc often leads to a demanding schedule. More pressure, more stress means more anxiety. Combine that with seemingly less time to take care of ourselves and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. Exhaustion and fatigue give rise to all those sabotages you use, preventing optimal health.

Ready to hit your “pause” button and find a different way? Commit to putting yourself and your health first so you an both play the game of life with greater ease as well as perhaps take stock and change how it us you’re ‘doing’ life. Come stabilize your nervous system and all the regulates, which is everything in your entire body and mind.

The easiest way to explain more of the benefits is to mention a few of the jobs that the nervous system and some of the meridians that govern it are responsible. The very unnatural hectic pace of life and the societies we live in constantly can lead to symptoms within these such as:

-irritability, depression, tendency to overwork, poor memory, apathy
-general fatigue, anxiety, antisocial behaviour and fearfulness
-nosebleeds, earaches
-fears and suicidal thoughts
-breathing issues, asthma, tight chest, dry cough, feeling breathless etc.
-excess feelings of heat in the body
-compromised regulation of pH, helps to discern filtration/retention of various minerals
-fertility issues
-bone generation disorders
-ancestral energy reserves being compromised – leading to early deaths
-lack of harmony and strength in the functioning of all three brains, head, heart and gut
-lack of healthy expression of sensuality
-night sweats, insomnia
-weak limbs, low back pain
-watery stools, constipation, weight gain
-dizziness, stiff neck, headaches
-healthy sexual functioning, sexual exhaustion, impotence, erectile dysfunction, etc
-anal fissures and hemorrhoids-generation of willpower and courage
-eating disorders, addiction to alcohol, drugs
-immune system issues
-cycles of transformation, survival issues, groundedness
-being independent, ability to take risks
-generalized overwhelm, feeling out-of-control
-muscle numbness, weakness, spasms

This list is thorough as the nervous system literally regulates every aspect of your body and your mind. Issues in the nervous system are sure to end up as issues within your tissues.

If you have nervous system disorders or issues I strongly recommend having individual guidance with a medical professional as well.

There’s always another way.

Come explore what drives you, what you’re getting from it, how it’s been serving you, how it hasn’t and step into another way to experience your life.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, and sensuality.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

“Every session it feels like you’re treating just me, are you sure these sessions aren’t just for me?” is common feedback received when working with group BodyTalk sessions, pre-recorded or live.

Stop chasing your symptoms and come experience release.

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