People Pleasing:
Honesty in Communication

4 Group BodyTalk Sessions


People-pleasing correlates to increased risk for all major diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.


Come nurture yourself.

Do you ever find yourself saying yes when you mean no, candy-coating how you truly feel in your responses or ‘grinning and bearing it’?

Chronic people-pleasers tend to feel more lonely, experience higher anxiety, get taken for granted, feel chronic resentment and often hate themselves, their self-loathing due to not speaking up or standing up for themselves.

We’ll be exploring the principles underlying people-pleasing behaviour, to move towards coming from a place of sincere and honest communication, including aspects of loneliness, neediness, manipulation, and control. Imagine communication without people-pleasing, candy coating, or playing small and instead with humility, authenticity, compassion, intimacy, and sensuality. What would your relationships, with self and others, look like?

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

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