Spring Into Your Life

Step Into Your Confidence and Courage

4 Group BodyTalk Sessions

Spring – A Time to Renew Spirit, Expand, Grow and Rebirth into Self


Whether it’s embracing moving forward in some area of your life (which always requires courage), renewing your spirit by stepping into your confidence or looking at the belief systems behind confidence ie. It takes hard work, fake it till you make it, I only feel confident if I look good/a certain way: Come fully embrace expansion into your life.Humans are thought to be the microcosm of the natural world in Chinese Medicine. Spring is the season linked to liver (quality of forward movement) and gallbladder (quality of courage). In spring there arises a vitality that pushes through, it’s anticipation builds tension and brings the promise of release. This time of new beginnings primally surges us forward.

Come consciously expand into your life.

Come Live Fully.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

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