Energetic Kidney & Adrenal Cleanse


“It’s hard to believe, but adrenal fatigue is estimated to affect around 80 percent of people in the world.” -Dr. Axe

“Recognizing that we have the kind of blood we have because we have the kind of kidneys we have, we must acknowledge that our kidneys constitute the major foundation of our philosophical freedom. Only because they work the way they do has it become possible for us to have bones, muscles, glands and brains.” -Homer Smith

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Energetic Kidney & Adrenal Cleanse

Feeling tired? Trouble concentrating or racing thoughts? Food cravings?

3 BodyTalk Sessions
and optional physical cleanse instructions

Ideal for all humans seeking release.

“It’s hard to believe, but adrenal fatigue is estimated to affect around 80 percent of people in the world.” -Dr. Axe


You’ll receive your energetic cleanse sessions on day 1, day 4 and day 7. I recommend listening to the first session at least twice or more during days 1-3, the second session at least twice or more during days 4-6 and the third session at least twice or more starting on day 7 and following. Note that all 3 sessions can be listened to at anytime thereafter for further relief and you can continue to receive benefit from these sessions for many months and years to come.Why do an energetic cleanse? If you feel tired or exhausted, stuck, numb, have trouble concentrating, have racing thoughts, moodiness, irritability, feel overwhelmed, have hormone imbalances, crave sweet or salty foods or if you’re feeling unproductive or that you’ve lost your willpower, this can all be related to issues within the adrenals, kidney or it’s meridian. These can all be easily addressed with energetic cleansing.

The easiest way to explain more of the benefits is to mention a few of the jobs for which the kidneys and adrenals are responsible. Your weight, immune system, sexual health and fertility along with regulating our genetic code and it’s expression are just a few of it’s jobs. They can be easily affected by excessive stress in life and can be very vulnerable to sexual abuse, a major factor in feeling low energy, low vitality, depression, anxiety and immune system issues. If our kidneys are weak it can lead to poor memory, inability to think clearly, anemia and backaches. Both the kidneys and the adrenals work with fear to keep you protected as well as give you the ability to take practical action. Without fear in it’s healthy role helping you to feel safe, you can find yourself feeling stuck in life or more intensely paralyzed to move forward in your life. ie. The very unnatural and toxic societies we live in constantly keep the kidneys under pressure to filter the large amount of toxins that enter it – over 96 gallons of blood get filtered a day through your kidneys! These toxins can be perceived on every level from physical to spiritual, mental to emotional. These overreactions can also escalate over time, if undealt with, to become more intense levels of paranoia or panic attacks if it’s internalized. The kidneys are regarded as the root of life as they store or vitality known as yuan Qi which gives the energy on which life is formed.

Additionally the kidneys help to govern the health of your bones, spine, nervous system, regulation of blood/water balance/pH and aids the lungs ability to inhale energetically by pulling the lungs down – think respiratory issues such as chronic lung issues, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. The kidney meridian additionally supports the healthy expression of sensuality which anchors you to your passion and getting of any mind games or thought patterns that are no longer serving you. If you’re feeling stuck, numb or cut off in life (perhaps to the point of feeling like you’ve lost your will), this can be related to your kidneys and adrenals. The kidneys also related to the condition of your hair, your ears and if they have any ringing, your courage and willpower and it supplies energy to the brains in our body (head brain, heart brain, gut brain). In yoga the biophotons or light energy that you have circulates in our brains and gives us a sense of feeling aware and intelligent. Short term memory and capacity and drive for strength, skill and hard work that’s related to having a sense of purpose can be experienced when the kidney meridian is healthy and when not, often excessive working habits, or a lack of strength and endurance are experienced.

Your adrenals work to support all the kidneys do and likewise give a sense of willpower – not the kind of willpower to not just eat that next chocolate but the type of willpower that gives you the will to stay alive. People with thoughts of wanting another way to live or not wanting to live have compromised willpower energy, often related to the adrenals or the kidneys. The adrenals will also work with healthy forms of fear to keep you either in practical action and moving forward or in feeling timid, not able to take that next step in pursuing your passions or in overwhelm/overreaction, fight/flight stress modes. If you find yourself wanting that sense of purpose and drive but lacking the energy to follow through you may have an adrenal issue.

What are some symptoms of a physically congested kidney/adrenal?

Kidney Symptoms:
Kidney stones
Bladder infection
High blood pressure
Frequent headaches
Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy
Unintentional weight gain or weight loss
Chronic edema, bloating, water retention, swelling of the eyes, swelling of the ankles or feet
Burning or difficulty urinating, frequent urination at night, dark or tea-colored urine, blood in your urine
Increased bruising and bleeding
Frequent nausea
Muscle twitching, cramps
Shortness of breath

Adrenal Symptoms:
Body aches
Trouble concentrating
Racing thoughts
Moodiness and irritability
Always tired
Feeling overwhelmed
Hormone imbalance
Cravings for sweet and salty foods

If you have issues with your kidneys or adrenals I strongly recommend having individual guidance with a medical professional.

If you choose to do this alongside of a physical cleanse (links to different sets of instructions are provided complimentary or you can google or use your own if you have one that you prefer), know that you may also wish to schedule yourself some downtime during or after this for optimal impact.

Come explore what drives you, what you’re getting from it, how it’s been serving you, how it hasn’t and step into another way to experience your life.

There’s always another way.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, and sensuality.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

“Every session it feels like you’re treating just me, are you sure these sessions aren’t just for me?” is common feedback received when working with group BodyTalk sessions, pre-recorded or live.

Stop chasing your symptoms and come experience release.

What’s included?
♦ Explorations into a number of principles including humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, sensuality – all while cleansing your kidneys and adrenals.
– Illuminate and cultivate a passionate relationship to you and your kidneys, adrenals… and to you living fully.
– Homework (found at the end of each audio session) explorations to invite you looking inward and exploring yourself, all of which can be done multiple times to discover more within yourself.
– Support is available to you via email or FaceBook message for you to share your awareness’s, your questions or simply connect.
♦ Three (3) group BodyTalk sessions to optimize integration of your self-discoveries and your cleanse of your kidneys and adrenals; you’ll receive your first session within two days of your sign up, your second group session on day 4 and your third session on day 7.
– Access to the recording of your group session is provided every three (3) days
– Listening to the sessions can be done multiple times to continue to receive benefit up to months and years later.
– Integration BodyTalk sessions will draw on BodyTalk, Eastern Medicine and the Life Sciences’ principles (ie. Reveal & Release, etc.) with an emphasis on exploring self honestly.
– The effectiveness of creating change in yourself and your life is greatly increased with these supporting sessions.
♦ Optional: Follow along with a physical cleanse – instructions provided for you with modifications that you can use to suit your individual needs.Clients: This will help to deepen your connection to the most intimate relationship you have, the one with yourself. It will also deepen your healing sessions with practitioners by understanding yourself more.
Practitioners: This will help to strengthen the scope of your sessions, whatever you practice, by broadening the possibilities of what can be done, allowing you to take others deeper into themselves to heal.

Investment: Three (3) group sessions is $135

Taxes not included.

Schedule: You’ll receive your Introduction to the course today along with your first session. If you’d like to start on a different day or are enrolling in more than one course and want them to start at different times, please specify in the comments section of your order during checkout before submitting. Or you can email us after you’ve placed your order to request a change.

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