A 40-Day Exploration


Daily self-exploration exercises with self-care
and optional scheduled group integration sessions
and/or individual session at your request.

Ideal for all those searching for a different way to live
whether you are a client, student, or practitioner of any kind.


What if you could have the financial freedom to be as generous as you want to be all the time?

One of the biggest factors of stress we see with clients and students is their financial health. Most of the people we work with are unaware of how that translates into depleting their kidneys of their Qi and their vitality that fuels and animates your body or how it chips away at their self-esteem, self-value and self-worth.

Most of the time the stress consists of a lack consciousness of “I don’t have enough”. Commonly the belief that I need to be poor to be spiritual dominates alongside this lack consciousness on a subconscious level.

People have their unique experiences which shape how they see money, how they relate to receiving it and these all directly reflect their self-value and worth. The attitude of having to keep up with Jones’s gets magnified by media and idealizing Hollywoodized images of success.

Whether it’s through possessions or how you feel about yourself, wealth is wealth. It has become unfortunately routine to question ‘Am I good enough’? It’s become equally unfortunately routine to seek confirmation of successfulness as a person via a bigger house or a nicer car.

Whether you’d like to address your relationship with yourself and how you value yourself or this reflection in your sense of wealth and abundance in any given area of your life or your finances themselves, this course will be of tremendous benefit in this exploration.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

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