Energetic Pituitary Cleanse


This master gland associated with all things feminine, hormonal balance and intuition is meant to be in a balance that lends itself to accessing insight with ease.

“What if your bodymind was a wedding ring from that which is eternal in nature?” -Allison Bachmeier

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Energetic Pineal Cleanse

"The pineal helps us to sleep, rest and dream while establishing healthy rhythm in life and reanimating our spirit, giving rise to a new way to dance your dance and sing your songs again." -Allison Bachmeier

“De-calcify the pineal gland with the detergent of imagination”― Dean Cavanagh

Read the full course description below.

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Energetic Pituitary Cleanse

Feeling not yourself, unsteady, lacking in get up and go? The pituitary helps to synchronize and integrate all of your hormones, giving new life and vitality. Come open up to and receive optimal pituitary energy.

3 BodyTalk Sessions
and optional physical cleanse instructions

Ideal for all humans seeking relief.

“The pituitary correlates to our feminine energy, insight, intuition and harmony” -Allison Bachmeier

You’ll receive your energetic cleanse sessions on day 1, day 4 and day 7. I recommend listening to the first session at least twice or more during days 1-3, the second session at least twice or more during days 4-6 and the third session at least twice or more starting on day 7 and following. Note that all 3 sessions can be listened to at anytime thereafter for further relief and you can continue to receive benefit from these sessions for many months and years to come.

There is substantial synergistic effects between the pineal and the pituitary, for this reason it’s strongly recommended for optimal results to do the pituitary and pineal cleanses together, either simultaneously or one after the other in any order, see which feels right for you.

Why do an energetic cleanse for your pituitary? According to positive health wellness: Would you believe that a gland that is only pea-sized is responsible for the regulation of many body functions? The pituitary gland is part of the body’s endocrine system and is often referred to as the “master gland” because it produces different kinds of hormones that travel through the bloodstream. Such hormones direct certain processes or stimulate other endocrine glands to produce their hormones.

As the “master gland” of the body, it produces many hormones that travel throughout the body, directing certain processes or stimulating other glands to produce other hormones. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the pituitary gland healthy for it to function normally. Before going through the ways on how to keep the master gland in tip-top shape, let’s discuss some of its basic properties.

This all-important pea-sized gland is situated right at the brain’s base just under the hypothalamus and right in the junction where the skull rests and the spine ends. The pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus by sensitive nerves fibers. Both glands are referred to as the neuroendocrine organs.

The endocrine system is composed of ductless glands that secrete their products, which are the hormones, directly into the blood rather than through a duct. As the master gland, the pituitary produces hormones that are essential in many body functions. It is made up of three main sections:

Anterior Lobe. This is responsible for the body’s development, sexual development and maturity, and even reproduction.

Intermediate Lobe. This produces a hormone which stimulates the production of melanocytes. This substance is responsible for the skin’s pigmentation through the production of melanin.

Posterior Lobe. This produces an anti-diuretic hormone that helps in maintaining water content in the blood. Without this hormone, dehydration will take place. The same hormone also helps rehydrate the kidneys. For women in childbirth, the posterior lobe will produce oxytocin which helps bring about contractions during the child’s delivery and later will stimulate the production of milk for nursing.

From a physiological and bioenergetic standpoint the pituitary gland has a variety of consciousness states to it including:

-controls the involuntary nervous system
-balance of water, energy, and heat in a person’s body
-responsible for the heartbeat, sleep, urination, thirst, and hunger
-produces several essential hormones that regulate the other endocrine glands which have a direct impact on certain organs
-insight, intuition

In our go go go worlds, it’s easy to see that juggling work, family, health, etc often leads to a demanding schedule. More pressure, more stress means more anxiety. Combine that with seemingly less time to take care of ourselves and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. Exhaustion and fatigue give rise to all those sabotages you use, preventing optimal health.

Ready to hit your “pause” button and find a different way? Commit to putting yourself and your health first so you an both play the game of life with greater ease as well as perhaps take stock and change how it us you’re ‘doing’ life. Come stabilize your endocrine system, your pituitary gland and all it regulates.

If you have pituitary gland or hormonal disorders or issues I strongly recommend having individual guidance with a medical professional as well.

If you choose to do this alongside of a physical cleanse (ideas for support are provided complimentary or you can google or use your own if you have one that you prefer).

There’s always another way.

Come explore what drives you, what you’re getting from it, how it’s been serving you, how it hasn’t and step into another way to experience your life.

We’ll be exploring a number of principles including vulnerability, strength, power, humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, and sensuality.

The nature of group work allows, from a quantum physics understanding of increasing observation, for exceptional effectiveness.

“Every session it feels like you’re treating just me, are you sure these sessions aren’t just for me?” is common feedback received when working with group BodyTalk sessions, pre-recorded or live.

Stop chasing your symptoms and come experience relief.

What’s included?
 ♦ Explorations into a number of principles including humility, honesty, authenticity, compassion, gratitude, harmony, relationships (with self and others), intimacy, sensuality – all while cleansing your lungs.
     – Illuminate and cultivate a passionate relationship to you and your lungs… and to you living fully.
     – Homework (found at the end of each audio session) explorations to invite you looking inward and exploring yourself, all of which can be done multiple times to discover more within yourself.
     – Support is available to you via email or FaceBook message for you to share your awareness’s, your questions or simply connect.
 ♦ Three (3) group BodyTalk sessions to optimize integration of your self-discoveries and your cleanse of your nervous system; you’ll receive your first session when you sign up, your second group session on day 4 and your third session on day 7.
     – Access to the recording of your group session is provided every three (3) days
     – Listening to the sessions can be done multiple times to continue to receive benefit up to months and years later.
     – Integration BodyTalk sessions will draw on BodyTalk, Eastern Medicine and the Life Sciences’ principles (ie. Reveal & Release, etc.) with an emphasis on exploring self honestly.
     – The effectiveness of creating change in yourself and your life is greatly increased with these supporting sessions.
 ♦ Optional: Follow along with a physical cleanse – instructions provided for you with modifications that you can use to suit your individual needs.

Clients: This will help to deepen your connection to the most intimate relationship you have, the one with yourself. It will also deepen your healing sessions with practitioners by understanding yourself more.
Practitioners: This will help to strengthen the scope of your sessions, whatever you practice, by broadening the possibilities of what can be done, allowing you to take others deeper into themselves to heal.

Investment: Three (3) group sessions is $180.

Taxes not included.

Schedule: You’ll receive your Introduction to the course today along with your first session. If you’d like to start on a different day or are enrolling in more than one course and want them to start at different times, you’re welcome to simply start when feels right for you, your access will be immediate up on purchase.

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